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The 6 Best Conversational Search Experiences of 2019

There has been a great transformation in the way we discover products online. Between the overabundance of choice, unclear product descriptions, and industry-specific language, consumers are abandoning shopping carts more than making purchases. The online retail space has become so crowded and ad-heavy, that conversations have become far more powerful than keywords.

Today, millennials make 60% of their purchases online. This number will continue to grow as technology proceeds to transform and evolve, and so will expectations. Consumers crave an increased level of support and personalization throughout their shopping journey and conversational search is the ultimate solution to combat the overabundance of choice online.

With that being said, let’s dive into the 6 best conversational search experiences of 2019 to strike inspiration.

  1. KitchenAid

KitchenAid Assistant

KitchenAid didn’t only want to increase conversions, they wanted to minimize returns while gaining insights into who was buying and why. Using a conversational search solution, KitchenAid built digital assistants across 8 product categories to guide shoppers to the perfect products through needs-based questions. Since the launch of their assistants, KitchenAid has experienced great success, specifically with their stand mixer configurator. This assistant gives shoppers the ability to customize their mixers while giving KitchenAid the ability to upsell additional products by suggesting relevant add-ons.

  1. Sally Beauty

Sally Beauty Assistant

Sally Beauty needed a scalable solution to help consumers find the right product for their unique hair color profile. Sally Beauty launched their Hair Color How-To tool to simplify the search experience and increase purchase confidence when buying hair dye online. The digital assistant offers shoppers a personal hair profile, a hair color recommendation, and a personalized coloring toolkit.

  1. Schneider

Schneider Lighting Assistant

With 3000+ products within the category, choosing a popper light fitting is considered a complicated purchase. Schneider implemented a conversational search solution to help customers quickly and efficiently build the right lighting bundles based on their specific needs, per room. Customers exhibit more confidence and are more likely to convert, knowing that they are recommended the correct products. Additionally, the assistant can add lighting for an entire house to their cart, in one click!

  1. 3M

3M Assistant

Purchasing personal protective equipment can be complex. Especially when it requires buyers to be 100% confident in their purchase decision, ensuring correct usage and compliance with safety policies and regulations. 3M created a conversational search experience to help users make sense of different SKUs and find the right products based on usage and risk management. 3M has extended digital assistants across 5 product categories and in 3 languages to gather insights on different buyer personas to drive marketing initiatives.

  1. Canon

Canon Camera Selector  Canon was eager to make it easier for its diverse audience to quickly discover and choose the perfect products for their needs. Canon deployed a range of conversational search assistants on its brand websites in various product categories including printers, scanners, cameras, and lenses. With the digital assistants in place, novice buyers and experts alike can quickly discover and purchase the best Canon products for their needs.

  1. Microsoft

Microsoft Laptop AssistantPurchasing a laptop requires complicated decision making both in-store and online. Understanding this complexity, Microsoft’s retailers were losing customers because they were unable to help shoppers find the right products. By leveraging digital assistants, Microsoft can create guided search experiences by asking questions to help shoppers find the perfect Microsoft office laptops.

Brands and retailers are quickly responding to this digital transformation. Conversational search is winning over consumers every day. In the past 5 years, there has been an 809% increase in the deployment of digital assistants alone.

This is just the beginning of conversational search. The world of retail will continue to overpopulate and we’re going to have to leverage technology more than ever before. Brands and retailers will continue to increase personalization and seek more advanced ways to deliver content to consumers. As expectations continue to rise, consumers need to be viewed as long-term partners as opposed to plain transactional shoppers.

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Lauren Panaswich is a content strategist at zoovu with a background in new media and digital marketing. With a centric focus on AI, she advocates the importance of personalization and humanization in a digital environment. Based in Boston, Lauren enjoys traveling, learning and meeting new people.