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The Anatomy of A Great Digital Advisor [Infographic] #SMARTInsights

In an increasingly digital world and with people having more choices than ever, a digital advisor is a great way to avoid the negative effects of too much choice such as decision anxiety, indecision, regret or Analysis paralysis (the state of over-analyzing or over-thinking a situation so that a decision or action is never taken).

Businesses use digital advisors as a powerful means to share personal expert advice and actively help people through their decision-making processes, making for more convenient experiences on any device and at any touchpoint. They see a growth in traffic, customer satisfaction and conversion.

You can use these interactive, conversational solutions to

  • assist and educate shoppers during purchase decisions (Guided Selling, Quizzes),
  • help them to quickly solve product issues on their own (Guided troubleshooting, Interactive Self-Service)
  • or engage them with useful content after a purchase (Content Curation, Content Advisors).

A digital advisor is a proven way to captivate and engage your audience during different stages of the customer lifecycle, from awareness to retention.

But with popularity also comes the problem of creating digital advisors that actually work.

In this infographic, we’ll have a look at the characteristics that any good and helpful digital advisor just can’t do without.


The anatomy of a great digital advisor infographic


First published on SMARTASSISTANT


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