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Android Phone Finder – Sleek, Fun and Quick Way To Pick Your Next Smartphone

We all know Google are an innovative bunch and their interactive Android phone selection advisor is just another proof for that. This quirky, effective and streamlined Guided Selling solution sets out to help people with absolutely no idea of technical functionalities to pick the perfect smartphone for them. And it does just that. In literally a minute or two.

Android Phone Finder - Start page
Android Phone Finder – Start page


This is most surprising. The phone finder was nowhere to be found without using the direct link to it. It’s a pity, as there are surely thousands if not millions of shoppers who could benefit from this type of choosing support. Android dominates the smartphone market and its market share is rising steadily.


Design & Navigation

Google have a penchant for modern, clean and simple designs. This finder lives up to it. It’s clear fonts and flat design are absolutely appealing and we almost couldn’t wait to get started using it. The finder features smart and fun animations that greatly improve the user experience. Once you select an answer, you are automatically forwarded to the next question. This makes it very intuitive to use and there’s no thinking twice about what to do next.

As the user answers a few questions, there’s also cute little avatars that pop up in the top right corner now and then to inform users about the benefits and special features of the Android operating system. It’s a clever way to build an informed and loyal customer base of brand advocates.

Android Phone Finder - Avatar educates users
Android Phone Finder – Avatar educates users

Bonus: It’s responsive – However, we wouldn’t have expected anything else from an interactive product selector for smartphones. Great job, Google.

Android Phone Finder - mobile view
Android Phone Finder – Mobile view


Questions & Answers

The advisor starts out with simple questions about the different things a user can and would want to do with their new phone such as taking pictures, listening to music, Social Media or watching videos. This activity- and need-oriented finder design is very user-friendly and ensures that even less tech-savvy shoppers can make a choice.

After each selection, the finder asks follow-up questions that are related to the previous selection to understand how exactly a user would like to use their smartphone. When selecting “Being productive” as usage need, the finder asks “How often do you email, schedule or work from your phone?”. Similarly, when indicating that listening to music was a desired functionality, the Android phone finder goes on to find out how often and how the user intends to perform this activity.

Android Phone Finder - Editing given answers
Android Phone Finder – Editing selections

Users can always edit their selection on the initial page that lists all functions or via the selection overview in the bottom bar. Once the user has answered a certain amount of questions, the finder offers to show suitable matches. The user can either go on with answering questions or proceed to see the results.


Before users are presented with a list of suggested Android phones, they are able to choose their carrier. This pre-selection filters the list of phones to display only the ones that are supported by the user’s carrier. However, it’s an optional selection as it only features carriers that are active in the US.

The subsequent pane displays a set of 3 phones with the Top Match being highlighted. Users can scroll sideways to browse through the whole list in order to see all recommended phones. The only thing we are missing here is an indication of the total number of phones in the scrollable list.

But the following features make up for this flaw: users can share the list of phones and can have the list of phones be sent to their email – “Save your results and pull them up when you visit your local carrier or Android retailer”. This is a great feature that should definitely be a standard for all interactive product finders.

Each phone in the result list contains descriptive information that explains individual highlights in an everyday language. Users who are more interested in the hard facts will not be disappointed. The finder offers a clear side-by-side comparison of all relevant technical specs. Users can remove phones from the list and can filter the results by size, price and their recency (“Latest phones”).

What would be great to see was some information about how each of the displayed phones matched the user’s needs.This is necessary to understand which trade-offs they’d have to accept when choosing a certain smartphone. It would not only enhance the completeness of this choice helper, but more importantly, it would help increase the user’s confidence and trust.


Android Phone Finder - Result view - Recommendations
Android Phone Finder – Result view – Recommendations



All in all, Android’s smartphone finder is incredibly useful and effective for making a decision, considering the vast amount of Android smartphones available on the market. There was hardly anything to find fault with, except for the unfortunate integration, the missing information about the number of recommendations and the non-existent explanation of recommendations. However, the intuitive nature of the finder and the clarity of the results clearly stand out. What do you think?

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