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Are you Terrified of Trying Something New?

What stops you from innovating? Are you terrified to try something new at your online store? Are you wary of adopting a new technology, even if it promises to help you and your customers in a positive way?

You are not alone. Many businesses have the same fear of integrating advanced technology, but there is no innovation without leaving the comfort zone. It takes time to feel at ease with a new technology. You might feel uncomfortable when a new technology is introduced because you are disturbed by the thoughts of leaving your comfort zone, learning something new, and changing processes that just started to finally run smoothly.

Unfortunately, for businesses, adoption and innovation is not a choice. Going off the beaten path pretty much a necessity nowadays. For a business, adapting to new trends is usually sink or swim. If you don’t innovate or embrace new technology, some of your competitors will, and you will soon be outdone by the early adopters.

eCommerce is growing by leaps and bounds, but isn’t sweeping the retail market – not just yet. Online sales still account for just around 10% of total retail according to a bulletin recently released by the Office for National Statistics. If there’s a single thing that’s stopping majority of customers from buying online, it’s the fear of the unseen. Unlike a physical store, they aren’t able to see and feel the real products. They can’t see or talk to the salespeople, so most of them prefer to buy from a brick-and-mortar store.

Online sellers have already come a long way. They are offering free shipping, same day or same hour delivery for some regions, price guarantees, and generous return policies (e. g. Zappos accepting returns within a year of the purchase), and whatnot.

It’s all in a bid to make the online experience match, or even surpass the experience at brick and mortar stores. But it doesn’t seem to be enough. Consumers still don’t feel assured when buying online. In a recent survey conducted by NCC Group in collaboration with IDG Research Services , 77% people claim that they don’t feel safe when shopping online.

What if there actually was a technology that could help your customers feel more comfortable when shopping at your store? What if the solution instantly turned the wary shoppers into avid online shoppers? What if it was affordable, and offered ample support to help you cut through the fears, and make a smooth transition?

When you are mulling over a new technology for your store, don’t think about your comfort zone, or the temporary disturbance it will cause – instead, focus on what’s in it for your customers. Because anything that benefits your customers will eventually benefit your business.

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