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7 Must-Haves To Boost Your E-Commerce Conversion Rate in 2019 – Part 1

For 2019 to be a big year, you’re going to have to start thinking about ways to improve your conversion rates now.

Without solid conversions, all the work you put into creating buzz and driving traffic will be in vain, and with e-commerce giants growing ever larger, the pressure to improve digital performance is on.

After 2018, being the year of the overwhelmed shopper, 2019 will see businesses taking note and focusing even more on humanizing and simplifying digital engagement.

This article will show you what you should consider to considerably boost your conversion rate in 2019 and make the customer experience profitable.

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1) Fix your Analytics

Before implementing or changing anything, review your analytics setup. Data is everything to any e-commerce business, and if you’re not tracking correctly, you won’t know what’s working and what isn’t.

Conversion tip 1: Review and optimize the data you collect and how you collect it to gain full visibility into your customer journey. Figure out which key performance indicators (KPIs) really move the needle, and focus on optimizing those.

These are some of the metrics you’ll likely want to monitor:

  • Revenue by Traffic Source: Not all traffic is equal. Some sources bring in users who are more likely to purchase from your store. You need to double down on the highest converting traffic sources.
  • Percentage of Returning Customers: How often are customers repeatedly buying from your e-commerce store? Do you know how they are navigating your site and their interests?
  • Net Promoter Score: You can measure customer satisfaction by using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) – a simple survey that measures your customers’ satisfaction by asking a single question.
  • Landing Pages: Find out which landing pages have been converting your website visitors into buying customers and which marketing campaigns, SEO efforts or paid advertising brought them to you.

If tracking is key, analyzing data and generating actionable insights is castle. Google Analytics and similar solutions are invaluable. If you don’t have access yet, Google Analytics is a great place to start, so set it up and dig in.

google analyticsAnalytics will help you understand your customers. Any business that understands how their customers behave already has one foot in the right direction.


2) Customer-centric optimization

In 2019, customers will no longer tolerate an online store that doesn’t give them the user experience that they want. Once you have an insight into what makes your customers tick, it’s time to make your brand and website all about their wants and needs.

Conversion tip 2: “Unless you start making it about the customer, understand their challenges, needs, and expectations you will never be able to create the experience your customers will love to convert to.” Talia Wolf, Conversion optimization specialist, trainer & speaker.

Here are 2 key ways to make it all about your customers and reap the rewards:

Build trust

Trust and consumer confidence in your brand and store are crucial conversion drivers. Before making the decision to purchase anything and convert, customers will judge whether they trust your company. Even well-established brands find it almost impossible to gain customers’ trust through advertising only. Trust doesn’t happen overnight.

If you run an e-commerce store, a great way to gain trust is by interacting with your customers on social media. This engagement will build a rapport and they will stop seeing you as a company just trying to sell to them.

You will also be able to learn more about your customers and go beyond demographic or transactional information to understand their pain points and needs. This will give you a full picture to inform and drive your optimization efforts.

PotNoodle, a UK brand that’s part of Unilever Foods, partnered up with Ladbible and created a Dream Job Generator quiz to generate buzz and excitement and learn more about their audience.

pot noodle dream job generator quiz


A campaign you’d like to try out? Contact SMARTASSISTANT and get started.


Reward loyalty

The more confidence a customer has in your company, the more likely it is they will do business with you again. Even though getting a conversion from a first-time customer is essential, repeat customers are more valuable. The conversion value is multiplied if you are able to gain customer loyalty.

A perfect way to do this is by rewarding them for their loyalty. Consider reaching out to the top 1% of your loyal customers. Tell them you appreciate their loyalty and offer them a free gift.

Below, you can see a customer thanking the company for the hand-written card that they received., an online retailer of pet food and other pet-related products, took their customer service a step further and replied to their message.

chewy customer service


Talk about creating a loyal customer.


3) Make shopping as simple as a conversation

In 2019, customers will be less likely to cut you some slack if you don’t simplify and personalize the experience. Instead of promoting the same products to everyone, they expect you to deliver exceptional, optimized experiences that revolve around their in-the-moment needs, not previous buying habits.

Conversion tip 3: Stop inconveniencing customers with choice overload and unjustified complexity. Instead, focus on giving customers what they want (exactly when they want it) to increase engagement and conversions.

There’s a justified buzz surrounding chatbots and digital assistants and their ability to drive conversions. They guide your customers throughout their entire journey and pave the path to seamless 1:1 personalization, at scale.

The good news is that these technologies are becoming much less expensive and easier to use and are proven to dramatically increase conversion rates and profits.

89% of businesses report seeing measurable benefits from personalization.

Take Mizuno, for example. This sporting goods company provides their website visitors with an AI “sales rep” that uses machine learning to ask the right questions and understand more about its customers.

With each question, it gets to know a customer so well that it knows exactly which products match their unique needs and have a high probability of being purchased by the customer.

mizuno ai digital sales assistant
A digital sales assistant will personalize the experience, simplify choices and provide better conversion rates.

Mizuno is an example of how companies can get personal and conversational in e-commerce. Once the user has answered the questions, the AI will show them the perfect running shoe.

mizuno digital sales assistant
The digital sales rep guides customers down the right path to the right products, boosting loyalty and conversions.

Find more tips in part 2

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Michelle Deery is a freelance writer and marketer at Heroic Search, an SEO company based in Tulsa. She is passionate about eCommerce and helps store owners boost their sales. She specializes in digital marketing and growth strategies, sharing tips and tricks she has learned along the way. Her work has appeared in publications such as Entrepreneur and the Crazy Egg blog.