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5 Techniques to Capture Leads at Your Online Store

The conversion rate (CR) at ecommerce stores rarely goes beyond the average 1.5% or 2%. That’s just 1 or 2 sales out of 100 visitors. Not that it’s your fault, as most of these visitors aren’t on your website with the intent to purchase. Some of them are just adding products to their wish lists; others are comparing prices, while some are just browsing for fun. You can use all kinds of conversion techniques, but you can hardly convert a visitor who is not there to buy.

Because, we know that you can’t just sit and watch them leave just like that, we have compiled some tips that you can follow to engage these browsers and at the minimum get their name and their email address to follow up with interesting information they’d enjoy.

To grow your sales, you need to grow your email list. It’s one of those basic selling techniques most online businesses ignore.

It’s easier said than done though, because your website visitors aren’t going to voluntarily search for the sign-up form and share their contact details. You have to work for it, almost as diligently as you would work for sales. Here’s what you can do to capture leads at your store.


1) The Design & the Location

The first step is to design a sign-up or opt-in form that is simple yet, visually attractive. The call-to-action should be short but compelling. Don’t add too many features or too much of text. Just keep it to one simple message, i.e. telling the visitors why they should subscribe, an email field, and a submit button.

And even more than the design, it’s the location that matters. If your opt-in form is squeezed between many different items in the sidebar or footer, it will be the last thing that visitors notice. While designing or placing an opt-in form, keep in mind that it has to be prominent and eye-catching.


2) Quizzes & Tests

You can create an engaging and fun personality quiz that asks questions to determine the personality type and recommend the most suitable products according to the shopper’s personality types. Tests and quizzes are a proven method to increase the number of subscribers quickly.

Here’s an example from an online fashion store. They ask shoppers to take a short quiz to find out about their style preferences and combine it with an online sign up form. It’s a clever approach, as it is known that shoppers are more willing to share their details when they know that there’s something useful in there for them as well.

Style quiz



3) Give Something Away for Free

An easy way to get your potential customers to sign up is by offering something for free such as offering a special discounts, vouchers, or deals for registered members.

You can also run a contest or sweepstakes where they will get a chance to win a prize simply by signing up.


4) Aggressive Placements

Pop-ups are a little risky. If used recklessly, they can be quite irritating, but using them smartly can seriously boost your numbers. Here’s a case study on how an online store used a lightbox pop-up to get 1375% growth in the sign-ups.

Exit-intent pop-ups are a better option, because they won’t sidetrack the customers who are going for the purchase, and the popup box appears only when the visitor shows an intent to exit (normally by tracking the movement of cursor).

Exit intent popup at Electric Family


5) Go Beyond Your Store

Lastly, don’t stop at your online store. Grow your email list by using sign-up forms at different touchpoints. For example, add a blog to your store and create a series of valuable content to get your target customers to subscribe. You can also contribute as a guest author or simply advertise at relevant blogs or websites to grow your email list.

You can also add a sign up form to your facebook page and use social logins at your store to get your shopper’s contact details.

Target facebook contest
Contest on Target’s facebook page

You will be losing a lot of potential sales if you aren’t capturing leads. It allows you to remarket, build trust, and eventually convert some of those visitors into customers that might have been gone otherwise.

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