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Conrad Christmas Gift Finder – A Perfect Solution To Reduce Gift Shopping Stress

Every year millions of shoppers go online to search for the perfect gift. Many of them need some guidance, which is why Conrad, the large German online retailer of electronic products, developed a Christmas Gift Finder for its website. In just a few clicks, customers are matched with personalized gift suggestions for the person they’re “gifting”.

In this article, we’re going to evaluate how well Conrad’s Gift Finder accomplishes its primary goal of providing shoppers with gift inspirations.

christmas gift finder start page
Christmas Gift Finder – Start page



The sheer number of categories and product choices found on Conrad’s websites means that it’s easy for consumers to become overwhelmed. Conrad made sure that its Gift Finder (German: “Geschenke Finder”) can be discovered easily by integrating it on a dedicated landing page, which also provides access to many other advisors for different product categories.

christmas gift finder landing page
Christmas Gift Finder – Product finder landing page


Unfortunately, the Gift Finder isn’t available on mobile interfaces. Given that 56% of smartphone owners use their devices for holiday shopping, this could be improved.


Design & Navigation

Conrad’s UX is clean and simple, and so is the Gift Finder – making it easy for users to immediately understand how it works and how to navigate through the advisor.

The progress bar on top of the Gift finder indicates the number of completed and remaining questions and shows users how far along users are in the process. Customers can also use the progress bar to jump between questions to change their answers.


Questions & Answers

Conrad’s Gift Finder starts out by asking who the gift is for – a man, woman, or business colleague.

What’s special about this interactive finder is that it dynamically adjusts the question flow based on previous answers given.

For example, when customers indicate that the present is for a man or woman, they will be presented with questions about the age group of the giftee as well as their areas of interest, such as travel, sport, computer or home and garden.

If the customer is shopping for business partners, Conrad’s Gift Finder won’t ask about the giftee’s age but instead asks about the number of presents needed and the general interests of the business partners.

christmas gift finder questions
Christmas Gift Finder – Defining the giftee’s interests


The Gift Finder also features a slider to specify the available budget. It allows users to narrow down their search even further.

Business users are even presented with useful information about the tax deductibility of gifts that costs €48 or more.

gift finder: price range selector
Christmas Gift Finder – Price range selector for business users



After each interaction, the Conrad Gift Finder automatically updates the results, which are being displayed in a panel below the questionnaire. The results are arranged in a way that best matches are displayed first and marked with a “thumbs up” symbol.

Each gift suggestion is listed with the product name, rating, price, description, and even an estimated delivery time. The information about the delivery time is a nice touch that could be especially helpful for last minute shoppers.

While the Gift Finder is a great way to help shoppers to narrow down the list of gift ideas, it could be enhanced by explaining exactly why products have been recommended to instill more trust. Deciding which gift to choose may still require some time and evaluation, but the Gift Finder certainly provides users with a helpful, curated selection and inspiration to explore further.

gift finder results preview
Christmas Gift Finder – Results preview



This Christmas Gift Finder uses a personal tone, similar to conversations had with sales associates in a store. Each question is easy to answer, relevant, and needs-oriented.

Customers needing some assistance in selecting presents will find this Gift Finder useful, as they’re likely to discover some great gift ideas or at least some inspiration.

Conrad’s Gift Finder could be improved by explaining product recommendations more clearly and presenting better product descriptions. In some cases, images won’t be enough to convince consumers of the merits of a particular product. However, it’s still a very useful approach to support gift hunting shoppers.


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