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Conversational AI Grows Up

Being named a hot vendor in Conversational AI by Aragon Research is important for zoovu, of course.  It establishes us as a major player in an emerging market.  Why it’s important to you, and marketing in general, is that not only is Conversational AI gaining traction, as a category, it is becoming more defined.

The difficulties of being in a new technology space — especially in the martech space where there are already over 7,000 vendors — is what defines a category.  In its nascency, new technologies have no definition; it’s difficult to determine which technology solves the problem better because there are no comparables, not enough customers, not enough deployments – everything is new.

As vendors with somewhat similar value propositions to a problem start to coalesce, categories are formed, and characteristics of that category become more clearly defined.  As product categories mature, definition is even more clarified and comparative measurements can begin.

This is what helps you.  When you are able to objectively compare products and understand the nuances of the problems you are trying to solve, you are better able to make decisions around what is best for your business. By understanding the depth and breadth of the products that are out there, you are much more capable to overcome your own “choice paralysis.”  So maybe there will be a digital assistant to guide you in choosing the right digital assistant!

We’re very excited about the prospects around conversational AI in all of its use cases. As more and more objective third parties along with leading vendors and early adopters  unveil the tremendous value inherent in conversational AI, it will continue to drive innovation in the category as it grows and becomes more mature.  And that’s great for everyone.

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