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COVID-19 & Digital Commerce: Top Performers Week of March 30

As March came to a close and we said hello to April, consumers waited for their online purchases to arrive at home as orders to stay at home widened. According to Adobe Analytics, ecommerce sales increased 25% in March (remember: that is an average across categories) as a direct result of COVID-19’s impact. For many parts of North America and Europe, populations are settling into their third or fourth week at home, and consumers continue to expand their online shopping. So, what did consumers buy the week of March 30th?

We continue to track what consumers are buying online to manage this unprecedented moment in our lives. Each week, we will keep you updated on 5 product categories seeing significant growth on e commerce because of the pandemic.

5 Growing Ecommerce Product Categories Week 3

Toys & Crafts

How do you keep your children busy and entertained while minimizing screen time during the coronavirus outbreak? Parents around the world are looking for new toys, arts and crafts online in never-seen-before numbers. Some retailers and brands have experienced 100-200% growth in toy and crafts sales in the last 3 weeks. With home delivery delays mounting, arts and crafts retailer Michael’s launched a curbside pick up for the first time in March and is accounting for 45% of their sales. The market is poised to grow and gives brands and retailers the opportunity to support and guide new crafters in finding a craft suited to their skill level.

Cannabis related products

Coping with cannabis products is easier with more widespread legalization and increased normalization of cannabis products. Consumers’ interest in finding natural ways to alleviate stress has been beneficial for cannabis products and their producers. Recreational marijuana dispensaries in Canada, California and Washington are considered essential businesses, and they are booming: Ontario Cannabis’ store had 200% growth in March while American businesses like Cann, a producer of low-dose cannabis drinks, are experiencing 300% more sales online. Brands and retailers should be looking for ways to educate and guide new and occasional cannabis related product users as they familiarize themselves with this emerging category as legalization allows growth. 


Grooming & Personal Care

It was bound to happen: consumers can only forgo grooming habits for so long until they realize “maybe I should take care of my growing facial hair” or self-care will help them feel better during this stressful time. Searchers for “DIY Haircut” grew by 221% and self-care brands continue to see sales grow as the outbreak continues. There is even an uptick of beauty and grooming brands working with influencers and celebrities to show how to do at-home treatments that they would usually go to a professional for. There is immense opportunity to assist and support consumers to grooming and self-care products right for them. 

At Home Fitness Equipment

If you’ve opened Instagram for 5 minutes in the last 3 weeks, you know everyone is looking for ways to exercise at home during COVID-19. Searches for yoga mats, dumbbells, and resistance bands are growing by 300% by some estimates with sports and fitness related products in the top 5 product categories consumers in the US, UK, Germany and Italy are buying. With so many different options available to adopt at-home exercise routines, consumers need to be supported in identifying what equipment works best for their level of fitness and can actually be used in their homes. 

Curbside Pick Up & BOPIS

Retailers across industries are implementing and prioritizing curbside pick up and BOPIS to protect their workers and customers. The result: 62% growth in BOPIS since 2014. With shipping delays inevitable, BOPIS provides an opportunity for retailers and brands to assist consumers with a stress-free digital shopping experience that mimics the in-store experience they are accustomed to with the convenience of shopping at home and picking up the product that day. 

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Caroline Egan is the Global Content Team Lead at Zoovu with a background in content marketing and e-commerce technology. She is passionate about educating businesses about modernizing their approach to the intersection of e-commerce and brick & mortar and how to delight customers with unique digital experiences. When not working, Caroline can be found at early morning work out classes, cooking, and sharing a bottle of wine with friends.