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Customer Loyalty – Do Your Customers Love You?

A loyal customer is what everyone wants. They buy more, return more often, and are the best ambassadors. For retailers and brands, it’s important to understand what makes customers stick and keep this love connection on.

It all starts with designing a shopping experience that promotes satisfaction. According to recent research, the most influential factors of an online shopping satisfaction are not price or choice. What shoppers are most affected by are assurance and empathy, no matter if it’s their first online purchase or not.

[bctt tweet=”The key to customer retention is customer satisfaction (Kotler)”]


Building trust

The love connection between businesses and their customers starts with an atmosphere of trust, where each customer is treated like a privileged guest.

Incorporating tools like Guided selling that aim at advising shoppers to help them pick the best product for them can help you create the perception of being a caring and trustworthy seller.

More than a presentation of products, it’s an instructive process: Shoppers are guided through their decision-making process while being educating. It shows your shoppers that you do care that they make the right choice, even if it is at a lower price point.

This feeling of fairness triggers the feeling of trust, satisfaction, and attachment in the client – and kicks off a love affair between your business and your clients.



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