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Everything You Need to Know about Conversational Marketing

It’s no secret the way we communicate is drastically changing. Just think about the last time you called to order a pizza instead of using an app. When new developments in technology arise, consumer expectations rise as well.  For brands and retailers, it’s vital to create relevant, engaging conversation to create a positive experience for buyers.

Conversational marketing is the one and only solution needed to go above and beyond these demanding expectations. No matter the industry, all businesses need to adapt to this change.

What is conversational marketing?

Conversational marketing is the ultimate way to build authentic, engaging relationships with consumers. It’s enables brands and retailers to create unique conversations that boost conversions while cultivating a personalized experience for each individual customer. In order to achieve a successful conversational marketing strategy, businesses must engage, understand and act.

Engage: Building contextually relevant conversations in real-time essentially starts with engagement.

Understand: Understanding consumers and their thought process, product preferences and interaction patterns with your brand.

Act: While AI and machine learning take care of the footwork, it’s important your business acts on learnings and results to deliver the best possible outcome.

The future of conversational marketing

Conversational marketing isn’t a recent discovery, however, with the shift in the way we shop online, there’s been a significant focus on 1:1 interaction. 96% of consumers say it’s important that customer interactions feel human.

Brands and retailers are catering to a generation that demands convenience, so your conversational marketing platform should deliver smart, trusted and helpful information to consumers. This is the place where you can prove your industry knowledge and gain customer loyalty.

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Lauren Panaswich is a content strategist at zoovu with a background in new media and digital marketing. With a centric focus on AI, she advocates the importance of personalization and humanization in a digital environment. Based in Boston, Lauren enjoys traveling, learning and meeting new people.