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3 Ways How Interactive Advice Solves Contact Center Challenges

Today’s customers want it all. The convenience of shopping online while experiencing the same emotional connection they felt with a brick-and-mortar store. They want a flawless online shopping experience throughout every touchpoint of their journey. Quite a tall order for any business to fulfill.

Customers are more informed, connected and empowered. Their expectations have increased and their need for immediate gratification is putting a strain on your contact center. As your sales volume rises, customer service becomes more complicated. How your company handles customer support could make or break it for you.

Every business needs a contact center to answer customer queries and resolve problems. However, there are many challenges to achieving customer satisfaction. This article explains how integrating interactive guided advice services can help solve these contact center challenges.


Challenge #1: Training costs

The number one challenge most contact centers face is the cost of agent training. Because of the pressures associated with most industries, high turnovers are unavoidable and training sessions need to be conducted frequently with new agents. Training is time consuming and expensive. Figure how much your contact center is costing you.

Using Guided Troubleshooting approaches to train your agents, guide them through the questions to ask your customers, and show them a quick path to a viable solution, can help you reduce training costs. By implementing these tools and strategies, agents will become more empowered and more effective.


Challenge #2: Inefficiencies

Another challenge contact centers face is ensuring agents’ knowledge and skills keep pace with the changing customer behavior. Repetitive, low-level questions and answers can create inefficiencies and frustration. Use below tactics to drive operational efficiency and cost savings:

Incorporate Self-service options

Customers want to interact in the most efficient way with your company. Employ customer-centered Guided Self-service applications to maximize satisfaction and reduce inbound calls to live agents. You can do this by implementing easy-to-use self-service solutions that provide information ahead of customer requests.

Compared to traditional call centers, a web self-service application can exponentially lower company costs and enhance the customer experience.

Google - troubleshooting
Google’s Guided Self-Service Online  Tool

Provide On-demand Information

Create a central support system that can be used to store all your support articles, FAQ’s and help documents. You should tailor your knowledge base to meet your customer’s needs, to encourage engagement and to improve the buyer experience. The information provided on your product pages needs to be relevant, responsive to the consumer’s desires and cut through the noise with pin point delivery.

Guided Information Systems allow users to access your knowledge base without having to interact with a contact agent. Visitors can answer pre-defined questions to easily navigate to the answers they are looking for.

Remember, shoppers don’t have time to sift through all the information available. There are many reasons prospects abandon their buying journey midway. A large number of consumers look for some sort of personalized assistance. If they receive that timely help, they are more likely to complete the transaction.

Teefury - contact center

Screenshot from:


Challenge #3: Multichannel Experience

It’s a sure bet that a  growing number of customers will contact your company’s service center on their way and by using their mobile phones. If you want to improve you customer service experience you need to provide the same effortless experience on these mobile devices. Mobile users are demanding and expect support when they need it and how they want it – at their fingertips.


Take advantage of consumers’ increased willingness to use their mobile phones and tablets to research online. In order to reduce customers’ frustration, move to integrate mobile applications that are able to guide consumers to solutions to their questions and preempt unnecessary call volumes.



Determine which aspects of your contact center can be automated with self-service tools. Pick one or several that can efficiently track a customer’s inquiry throughout the selling process. Ensure you have rich Guided troubleshooting tools set-up to reduce frustration and contact center challenges.

By providing customers with online self-service options and the convenience of using their mobile phones you will diminish contact center frustration and improve your customers’ brand experience.

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Anneke van Aswegen is a passionate freelance writer and content strategist with a Master's Degree in Research Psychology and content creator at Guided