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How to Make the Most of Exit Intent Technology

Sad news: a big majority of visitors landing at your website for the first time and leaving within a minute or two are gone for good. The figures vary, but an average website has 60% bounce rate.

There are various ways to get back some of these visitors including strategies such as remarketing. But we all know that retailers have to try much harder and engage visitors before they leave.

Exit Intent Technology is a form of dynamic remarketing that allows you to engage the visitors who are just about to leave. It detects the precise moment when a visitor decides to exit and jump in with a special offer that is hard to resist.

Exit Intent technology works by tracking the movement of mouse or cursor. As soon as the visitor shows an intent to leave (e. g. moves the cursor swiftly towards the edges of a browser), it will showing a pop-up box with a message that should grab the visitors attention and entice them to set an action of value.

You don’t always need to install these pop-ups on all pages of your website. However, it’s recommended to use it on specific pages like product pages or shopping carts as an effective way to reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate.

Adding value by offering support and advice




One of reasons why your visitors decide to leave your store is the inability to find products that meet their needs. Combining exit-intent technologies with Guided Selling allows you to grab their attention, engage them and offer visitors interactive support and advice to help them navigate through your assortment in more intuitive ways.

This way you won’t annoy the visitors who know what they’re looking for. For the ones who are double minded or can’t find the right product, you can use Exit Intent Technology paired with Guided Selling and  recommend products or offers based on their specific needs.


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