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4 Ways You Can Use In-Store WiFi to Create Richer Customer Experiences

In-store WiFi is by no means a groundbreaking innovation, but there’s a good reason why many retailers are putting more of an emphasis on it than ever before. By 2022, it’s estimated that 90 percent of all shoppers will have a WiFi-enabled device with them as they shop. That’s a lot of devices and even more opportunities to tap in and analyze data.

Having plenty of actionable and insightful data to analyze means you can take customer information to create a shopping experience that’s far more compelling than previously possible. Through the use of WiFi, many retailers worldwide are now being far more creative to address the challenge of offering rich customers experiences and here’s how you can follow using in-store WiFi.

1) Sending Personalized Offers

By having free and accessible WiFi that your customers can use by logging in just once, you can analyze areas of the stores in which they spend the most time.

With that data, you’ll have a better indication as to which products your customers like. Based on their preferences, you’re able to provide them with personalized offers and content to their WiFi-enabled devices.

By amending their user experience (UX), you can make subtle changes to banners and images which highlight the types of products that users like. If your shoppers are primarily men aged between 18-25, for example, then you can schedule sports or fashion products to be advertised.

That also means you can utilize digital signage and location-based services to increase footfall for your retail business to help boost sales conversions at the same as offering a great customer experience.


2) Reward Loyalty

Loyalty schemes are an effective way of strengthening brand loyalty and ensuring customers return to your store. By integrating a loyalty scheme through your WiFi offering, offers can be tailored to your returning customers based on the information you’ve gathered.

You can integrate existing loyalty databases with your WiFi system, which allows the user to login to WiFi with their loyalty credentials. The WiFi system can ask them to log in just once and the system will remember them on subsequent visits. If they aren’t a part of the scheme already, they can sign up at the same time when they connect to the WiFi, allowing them to benefit from your loyalty offering and marketing. Your customers are more likely to return if they’re rewarded for sticking with you.

This benefits both you and your customers. The analytics can be sent to your CRM where you can send tailored offers to your customers based on the information you’ve gathered about them through your free WiFi after they’ve reached a certain milestone.

It’s a double win. It helps boost your sales while also delighting your customers at the same time.


3) Offer an Augmented In-Store Experience

Retailers are rightfully jumping on the augmented and virtual reality trends, from smart fitting rooms to no checkouts and queues. Through your WiFi, you can enhance the physical experience for your customers through aspects like wayfinding applications.

For example, providing interactive maps on your customers’ devices to help them navigate through stores and to help them find what they’re looking for much quicker will improve their experience. Rather than wandering out and growing in frustration to find a specific location, offering them this assistance easily through WiFi will make them more appreciative.

In general, by offering a seamless WiFi experience and increasing customer dwell time, you can give them a richer experience that encourages them to share with others. This will amplify your social presence further and increase how much customers visit and spend – all thanks to this richer customer experience.


4) Show Relevant Advertising

Whether it’s generic or targeted, you can use WiFi to push products through advertising to your visitors. This can help them with buying decisions while using digital space also lets you increase revenue and engage with your customers.

In-store WiFi and the analytics you gather from that help you to offer certain types of special offers. For example, your customers will be more on-board with receiving targeted marketing if they know that there’s something in it for them. It can be as simple as them saving money on products and brands they love.


A Reliable WiFi Infrastructure

All of these richer customer experiences require a resilient wireless infrastructure so that you can continuously offer an in-store experience like no other. You also need a solution that will actually let you own the data and use your WiFi analytics to your benefit.

A solution from WiFi SPARK allows you to unlock the potential of your customers and the visitor WiFi offering so you can learn how to best serve them and make their experiences memorable. You can be more connected than ever to your consumers, using data to understand your customers’ behavior and make improvements to their experience along the way.

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Rees Flynn, Head of Retail at WiFi SPARK
Rees has over 20 years’ experience in retail sales, 8 within the financial services industry, 9 within the motor industry and 4 within the telecoms and networks industry. He uses his years of IT sector experience to help companies discover what more than just WiFi can do to enhance their digital strategy, ensuring they can get the best experience from their WiFi, including bespoke solutions and the use of WiFi analytics.