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19 of the Most Compelling Digital Advisor Examples of 2017

Each year, we’re on the lookout for new digital advisors to see where the trend is going in different industries. And each year, we come across interesting companies who’ve adopted Digital Advice to help their customers choose. It’s integral to a positive customer experience, lead generation, and ultimately sales.

But 2017 was different. Not only were there more digital advisors overall, but we found that the bar had been raised in terms of sophistication. Many of the companies integrated digital advisors that do not only give shoppers the feeling of talking to a personal advisor but look good too. Technology isn’t only about functionality and utility. Design and experience matter.

That’s why, this year, we’ll share a collection of some of the more compelling advisors we came across in 2017.

And if that’s not enough, you can have a look at the most interesting digital advisors of 2016 and 2015 or check out many different examples by product category.


Consumer Electronics

1. Sonos Speaker Selector

Sonos’ digital advisor is a beautiful example of how to showcase your products to your potential customers. Every image in the digital advisor highlights the speakers, with a real-life usable scenario in mind. This is a great way to get customers thinking about where, and how, they’d fit your products into their lives, while also assisting them in choosing the best product.


2. Canon Camera Advisor

Canon does exactly what you’d expect from a photography company, and uses stunning imagery to accompany every choice in their advisor. However, the most stand-out part of this experience is the way they work in extra information through information tabs you hover over. This little addition has undoubtedly made a lot of customer choices easier.


3. Microsoft Windows 10 Consultant

Microsoft’s Windows 10 laptop advisor is integrated at various retailers like Amazon and Harvey Norman. Its results list grabs center stage. The digital advisor is clean and sleek, which is why one may think that there’s nothing too exceptional about it. Until you realize that the results are dynamically updating with every choice the customer makes, presenting them with the best fitting and easily compared options for the needs they’ve communicated to the advisor, in real-time! And on hover over the plus icons, it explains the Windows 10 capabilities and benefits without being obnoxious. It’s a smart way to educate and show shoppers the value they are getting with Microsoft’s operating system.


4. Apple Support

We all know that Apple likes to keep it minimalistic. This guided troubleshooting advisor follows that expectation, using images sparingly but effectively, making it impossible to get lost, and incredibly easy to get to the information a user would need to solve their technical problem.


5. Gardena Robotic Lawn Mower Advisor

Robotic lawn mowers are a fairly new concept in the consumer world, so it’s clear why selling this product to newbies makes a digital advisor necessary. And Gardena does a great job at simplifying the decision-making process with straightforward, yet insightful and relevant questions – the advisor educates, explains benefits of different features, and in the end, presents every customer with the best possible options – including a justification why it’s the best fit for the specific customer.



6. Yummly Recipe Selector

Yummly has turned recipe hunting into the easiest thing in the world. With each answer given, automatically advancing you through the advisor, it feels fluid and progressive. Not only that, but the questions – with their very easy-to-choose answers – help customers discover recipe choices within seconds. All rolled together, it makes for a powerful experience and smart lead generation too, as customers only receive the recipes once they’ve submitted their e-mail address.


7. My Vinotype Wine Advisor

Ever wondered what types of wine you’d enjoy best? My Vinotype tries to isolate that with a digital wine advisor that has an adorable aesthetic. They cut to the heart of the sensory experience you’re looking for – and would enjoy – from your wine. And they do it with just 3 simple questions. A quick experience, resulting in in-depth insight into the perfect wine for the user.


8. Bright Cellars Wine Quiz

Bright Cellars offers wine deliveries on a monthly basis, based on your specific wine tasting profile. While the fact that it’s wine delivery could be contested as the best user experience possible, their advisor also does an incredible job of creating an easy-to-use experience. Like Yummly, Bright Cellars reveals the results once the visitor has signed up. Again, it’s a smart lead generation tactic.


9. Nespresso Coffee Selector

Nespresso uses imagery and colors that really fits the theme of coffee. Keeping things dark, atmospheric and crisp, it does a great job of creating an atmosphere to the advisor that feels almost like walking into a niche coffee shop. With an uncomplicated advisor experience to match, it makes finding the best coffee for you an overall enjoyable time.



10. Topshop Style Advisor

Topshop’s style quiz features a couple of relatable questions that simply make using it fun. Shoppers can use the advisor to share their style preferences and define whether they are looking to update or completely revamp their style. Based on this input, Topshop reveals a style recommendation after the customer has submitted his/her contact details.

Again, it’s a great way to capture attention and customers.

We smell a theme: last year, companies seem to have discovered digital advisors as a lead generation machine!


11. Sunglass Hut Advisor

Sunglass Hut’s advisor features the fewest amount of questions seen anywhere on this list. But their visual experience is so compelling, descriptive and useful that the lack of questions is a benefit to it. It’s a quick way to educate shoppers about their face shape and the types of shades they should go for. In doing so, Sunglass Hut demonstrates its expertise and adds value to the customer’s shopping experience by making purchasing the right sunglasses online less complicated and confusing.



12. Travel Destination Advisor

This travel advisor does an incredible job of creating an atmosphere. With answer-related scenery images and a straightforward user experience, it makes the user feel as if they’re already going on a journey by using the advisor. Overall, it’s a persuasive experience and a quick way to provide users with inspiration for vacation spots they’ll enjoy.


13. Oebb Travel Advisor

Oebb takes a rather simplistic approach to their ticket and travel advisor. It asks a few questions and inspires users with destination and ticket options that match their travel preferences. The beautiful part is that it updates the results automatically, quickly showing users suitable destinations that will strike their fancy at any point during the advisor, even before they’re finished.



14. Shiseido Foundation Finder

Shiseido’s entire company is about beauty. It’s about making people look beautiful and feel beautiful.  So, it comes as no surprise that their advisor is absolutely stunning. With a great interactive design and smooth transition effects that almost feel like applying Shiseido’s products, this digital advisor makes for a jaw-dropping product selection experience.


15. Sephora Gift Finder

Sephora is also known for beauty, but their design went another direction. With less awe and more focus on clear questions, Sephora gives customers what they want – a quick way to gift inspirations. The experience is swift and cuts to the heart of making it easy to find something that’s perfect for a friend or loved one.


16. Nyx Cosmetics Foundation Finder

Nyx’s foundation finder is a quirky experience. With the use of emojis, cute and eccentric accompanying imagery, and a real feel of ‘adorableness,’ it appeals to the fun-loving heart of their customers. But Nyx’s understanding doesn’t stop there; they know their customers don’t want to spend too much time on the decision, so the entire experience only lasts 4 questions, making for a highly customer-tailored experience, pulled off well.


17. Benefit Cosmetics Perfect Brow Finder

Benefit Cosmetics is another company with a great understanding of their audience. With highly effective imagery, worked into a slightly retro-feeling advisor experience, it’s educational and fun to complete.



18. Trek Bicycle Bike Finder

Trek Bikes’ advisor is another highly visual experience with thoughtful questions. But the real stand-out feature is the compare function available in the results table. Being able to see the key differences between the suggested bikes is an added benefit to any advisor experience that wants to reduce friction and uncertainty.


19. Car Wow Car Chooser

Car Wow’s car chooser makes the list because of its potential. Gathering information about cars online can be extremely difficult, so it’s a product category that’d pair well with an interactive advisor. Sadly, their advisor is more or less a filter of options, as opposed to a needs-based advisor experience. With the wealth of expertise about cars they share online, it would make sense to turn this into a more interactive, needs-based and user-centric experience.


And that’s all 19. Hopefully, you’ve been inspired by all of these beautiful designs.

Here are our top tips to be had from the above list:

  1. Avoid making things long for the sake of it. Ask only the questions you need answers to, and leave it at that – shorter experiences, as long as they’re on point, are definitely preferable to longer ones.
  2. Accompany every answer you can with relevant imagery. The more your customers visualize their answers, the better those answers will be, and the more relevant your suggestions will be. And people will be able to better envision themselves with your product.
  3. Move users through the experience. The feeling of progression and fluidity comes down to how well you’re moving your users through the experience. If they’re having to awkwardly find buttons to progress, they’ll lose interest. Guaranteed.
  4. Have fun with it. Ultimately, the goal of an advisor is to educate and help shoppers choose. But adding a little fun won’t hurt anyone and makes for a more enjoyable user experience.


In closing, go out and make a compelling digital advisor in 2018. Your customers and your sales team will thank you.

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