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The Year in Review: 6 of The Most Popular Topics in 2017

2017 has been, without a doubt, a year of both evolution and disruption. If you’ve missed out on any of the most talked about topics on our blog this year, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a list of the most read and most shared articles of 2017.

Read on if you’re curious to know what the other readers of our blog are interested in…

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1) Understanding Decision-Making Behaviorunderstanding decision-making behavior

Understanding consumer buying behavior is one of the most important challenges for businesses, and at the same time, it’s key to reaching and engaging customers. Unsurprisingly, most readers explored articles that discuss the different types of shoppers, how and why people make decisions, and research on gender-specific tendencies in decision-making.

There are many dynamics and emotions that surround purchase decisions in B2C and B2B, and on some levels, purchase decisions can appear to be quite random. Therefore, gaining a deeper understanding of which internal and external factors compel people to make a purchase is just as essential for the success of any organization as understanding why people do not buy.

2) Adapting to Digital Change

adapting to digital change

Let’s face it, understanding buying behavior is a moving target in the digital age.

Increasing digitization forces businesses to keep up with the behavioral shift and changing consumer expectations (as described in this consumer research by SMARTASSISTANT) – not only to take advantage of new opportunities for advancement, but simply to remain competitive.

Digital technologies, such as mobile and social media, are constantly changing where, how and why people make purchase decisions. So it’s vital to stay on top of it all.

Since no one can fight the digital tide, many readers were interested in our industry best practice articles that discussed how to

3) Digital Advice on the Rise

digital advice on the rise

If we look deeper into how the digital age is changing consumer shopping habits, we can say that it is synonymous with the Age of the Informed but Overwhelmed Shopper. “Mo’ choices, mo’ problems!” could be a fitting tagline to describe the times we’re currently in. More businesses understand that they have to be part of the solution if they want to delight their digital-savvy audience.

These businesses employ digital advisors in many different industries to simplify decision-making and to help shoppers choose the products and solutions that are just right for them in a quicker, more convenient, and user-friendly way. This means less friction, fewer digital barriers, and higher customer satisfaction.

Analyzing the views and shares, we can also observe a growing interest in creating more human-centered interfaces and experiences. There has been a stark increase in the number of readers who looked up and shared articles that discuss the basics of Digital Advice and curated commerce. Readers were also especially interested in receiving tips on creating effective digital advisors and how Digital Advice can be used to drive action.

4) Why All the Effort? – A Great Customer Experience

Any business that doesn’t have any CX initiatives on their map will inevitably run into trouble in the near future. And this year we have seen the effects in store closings and bankruptcies. Experience reigns supreme. It rewards businesses that get it right and relentlessly punishes those that lag behind.

Speed, convenience and ease of use are replacing price, assortment and delivery time as key differentiators. These are the new 3core elements of a great customer experience.

In one of our articles this year, we asked 23 CX Experts how to achieve, measure and track customer experience success. In the article, which tops the list of the most shared articles, the consulted CX experts overwhelmingly agree that in order to deliver a great customer experience, businesses have to identify pain points in the customer journey and remove them by providing shoppers with a quick way from A to Z.

5) AI is in Ret -AI- l

AI is another one of the most-read, the most talked about and most-hyped topics in 2017. This should come as no surprise, since it will become one of the most disruptive technologies we’ll be facing as we head into the future. However, today there’s still much uncertainty around the topic and the technology isn’t quite mainstream yet.

To get an overview, our readers were most interested in finding out how AI will benefit  retailers and customers. That’s reason enough for us to also check out how AI will affect the retail industry in the future.

6) Waking the B2B E-Commerce Behemoth

waking b2b e-commerce behemoth

Finally, it’s worth remembering that it’s not just B2C companies that need to evolve in order to satisfy the changing needs and expectations of buyers. To meet future challenges, it’s crucial for B2B companies to take their services online. This means incorporating digital technologies to improve the business-buyer relationships, build trust, and facilitate, simplify, and accelerate buying decisions – online and offline.

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