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Personalization is Prime | Prime Day Shoppers Seek Less Choice and More Personalization

It’s almost everyone’s favorite (digital) holiday, that’s right – Amazon Prime Day!

Amazon has become a leader in providing convenience and customer satisfaction. Capturing 50% of the global ecommerce market isn’t easy, Amazon is famed for offering consumers far more choice than its nearest competitors. But choice does not always equal conversion. The latest research by zoovu, surveyed over 1,000 U.S. consumers to reveal the true pain points that Prime Day shoppers encounter.

Since 2015, consumers have turned to Amazon to ‘make a list, and check it twice’ in hopes of scoring the ultimate Prime Day deal. zoovu, the leading AI-conversational marketing platform has found that Prime Day shoppers fit into a multitude of categories and undergo different purchase journeys, so one approach does not fit. 29% of buyers are spontaneous shoppers; 24% are “planned/calculated” shoppers and 22% are “thrifty and price conscious”. With such an overwhelming array of products, Amazon shoppers are craving less choice and more personalization when it comes to online shopping.

The study unsurprisingly found that consumers struggle with product choice – 25% cited choice overload as a major pain point of Prime Day shopping. Further research shows that the stress endured by shoppers is so high that 1-in-5 Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers would rather go to the dentist than find a present! And, 19% Millennials would rather text with their boss over the weekend. In order to meet the high expectations of today’s consumer, convenience is key.

Other findings include:

  • Incentives drive the biggest turnout for Prime Day– 44% of Prime Day shoppers are making purchasing decisions based on price savings, while another 26% are enticed by expedited shipping.
  • Younger shoppers (18-24) purchasing decision habits vary – 31% of younger shoppers (18-24) seek more relevant product reviews while 44% of younger shoppers spend at least 30 minutes making a purchase decision.
  • Prime Day shoppers demand more visual options before making purchasing decisions – 14% feel that there is a strong lack of visual product components that allow them to visualize how an item will actually work / feel once they receive it.
  • Return habits vary – 40% of Prime Day shoppers have returned an item because it was defective, didn’t live up to expectations or regretted a spontaneous buying decision.

Prime day shoppers’ expectations are clear! The findings show that they are desperate for  the retail giant to better streamline path-to-purchase product recommendations. Cutting down choice overload and improving the customer experience, will allow Amazon to remain at the top of its game – meaning higher conversion and customer lifetime value (CLV) is possible, even for Amazon, who many look to as the shining star in the midst of holiday season.

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Lauren Panaswich is a content strategist at zoovu with a background in new media and digital marketing. With a centric focus on AI, she advocates the importance of personalization and humanization in a digital environment. Based in Boston, Lauren enjoys traveling, learning and meeting new people.