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3 Key Reasons to Join Us at Digital Advice Live! 2018

Learn something you didn’t know

Business conferences can be a good excuse to get out of the office for a day.

That’s certainly part of it, but a good conference also offers insight into a world of opportunities for you and your company, leaving you excited and inspired to get back to the office and apply what you’ve learned.

Now celebrating its fourth year running, Digital Advice Live! is such a conference for corporate decision-makers and professionals with a focus on effective marketing, sales, and CX.

When Digital Advice Live! kicks off on June 28 in New York City, attendees will experience a day of high-profile sessions showcasing the most exciting companies, experts and thinkers in the world of AI Digital Advice and beyond.

Even if you know it all, you’ll learn something you didn’t know.

This year’s theme, “Humanizing Digital”, highlights the importance of making digital interactions with customers more human and empathetic. The conference will give you tips how to design human-friendly interactions and experiences that are proven to increase conversions, customer satisfaction and repeat purchases.

So why “Humanizing Digital”?

Have you ever asked yourself what’s missing from the experience you deliver that causes customers not to engage or buy? It can be as simple as “The Missing Human Touch”.

While many organizations are transitioning to digital, it can be difficult to find the right balance between innovation, technology and the experiences that customers crave.

A great digital experience needs to be more than just user-friendly, it needs to be human-friendly, frictionless and personalized to the needs of the customer. In fact, the recent Humanizing Digital 2020 Customer Expectations Report found that buyers not only want, they expect such interactions on digital channels.

There’s a lot that goes into making it happen. And it can be hard to do.

At the conference, expert offer insights and lessons learned on how to amplify the effectiveness of your digital channels and customer interactions by assisting and guiding customers all the way through the stages before, during and after a purchase for greater sales and loyalty.

We’d love for you to benefit from the tips they’ll share.

Here are 3 reasons why you should join us in New York City.

1. Education

This year’s Digital Advice Live! offers more than just an experience; you get an education.

Our event shares crucial information from industry leaders across the globe.


In previous years, we’ve had insights from experts like Sheena Iyengar and Barry Schwartz as well as representatives from T-Mobile, Forrester, and Swisscom on stage.

And our 2018 lineup promises to be just as amazing, with hand-picked speakers, inspiring presentations and case studies from a host of business leaders, including:

  • Shep Hyken, Speaker, Author & Chief Amazement Officer – on what customers expect today and why you need to amaze them – every time!
  • Mike Gardea, Microsoft, Senior Partner / Channel Marketing Manager – on how Microsoft has accepted the challenge of simplifying choice to position themselves and their retail partners as trusted advisors.
  • Rodney Rodriguez, Whirlpool, Digital Marketing Manager – on how making things effortless, empowering, and exclusive can help you create memorable experiences for your consumers.
  • Martin Wild, MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group, Chief Innovation Officer – on the future of retail and how Europe’s leading $25bn consumer electronics retailer innovatively embraces Digital Advice online and in-store.
  • Steve Novoselac, Trek Bicycle, Director of Digital Technology – on how using technologies can improve the human experience.
  • Borko Crnogorac‎, Telekom Serbia, B2B Product Development Director – on how telco providers can integrate digital advice to deliver an excellent advice experience.
  • Nelson Fisher, Monoprice, Product Manager – on how asking better questions can give you better answers and improve your conversion rates.

Check out the agenda here: Digital Advice Live! Agenda

2. Experts

Digital Advice Live! is an opportunity to learn more about smarter selling in an increasingly digital world.

During your time at our event, you’ll be able to connect with numerous industry experts and leaders capable of providing enhanced information about the best practices and tech trends shaping consumer engagement and experience. Face-to-face interactions with the pros give you the chance to have your questions answered so that you can come up with the best possible strategy for your business.

The conference tickets are limited to ensure an absolute quality experience for all attendees.

Get your ticket: Use code DIG-EXP for -10% off!

3. Networking

Get to know the Digital Advice and Guided Selling community.

Mingle, chill out in the outdoor area, discuss and connect. At Digital Advice Live!, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet peers in your specific industry, discuss with other attendees over a cup of coffee and delicious snacks, exchange business cards, and expand your network.

Digital Advice Live! is one conference you can’t afford to miss.

Regardless of who you meet, what you learn,
and the experts you see at Digital Advice Live! 2018,
we guarantee you’ll go home with new ideas!

Get your ticket for Digital Advice Live!




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