What is the difference between a 2d and 3d configurator
3D Configurators vs 2D: Which is Best? (+ Examples)
You’ve probably done the same thing before. It’s been more than two hours, and you’ve yet to decide which piece of furniture you want to buy. You thought shopping online would’ve been faster than going…
Learn about 7 best practices for visual configurators and how they improve CX.
Visual Configurators: 7 Best Practices For Your Business
Visual configurators are all the rage.  Okay. Maybe not for all ecommerce businesses —but they should be.  Visual configurators have a massive positive impact on user experience. But why?  The longer a buyer’s journey, the…
ecommerce site search strategy
7 Ecommerce Site Search Strategies: Best Practices to Improve Your Conversion Rates
Focus on the big things.  That sounds like great advice, right? Until it isn’t.  You’ve probably spent time and money on the ‘big things’ like a well-designed website.  What’s more, you consistently spend money on…