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The Best Practices of Conversational AI

There has been a lot of buzz around conversational marketing, as it’s becoming vital for any business with an online presence. However, incorporating conversational AI into your website goes far beyond natural language. Crafting an effective conversational experience requires a strong understanding of the wants, needs, and pain-points of your customers.

Think about how you connect with friends and family today. Between, texting, live video and social media, the way we communicate is ever-changing. With that being said, one of the most effective ways to understand and learn about your customers is by asking questions and humanizing the online shopping experience.

Conversation is the future of marketing and new solutions such as digital assistants are available at our fingertips. On the other hand, if conversational AI tools are not utilized properly, it could make or break the efficiency of your customer journey.

Conversational AI is one of the most powerful ways to engage and guide shoppers down the marketing funnel. To best utilize conversational AI, it’s imperative to incorporate the following best practices.

Ask the right questions

It’s important to understand the type of questions and conversations to initiate with your customers. The questions asked should be driven by customer needs, not sales goals. Consumers want to be heard and understood, so anticipate the questions they wouldn’t think to ask to better guide buyers to the right products. Doing so will reduce return rates and simplify the shopping journey.

Bring the in-store experience online

When a shopper has a question in-store, there are plenty of sales associates to lend a helping hand. When a shopper has a question online, calling customer service or sending an email is far less effective. By integrating a conversational AI solution, the in-store experience is brought online, simplifying the customer journey exponentially. No matter what conversational marketing asset you’re using, conversation is not an interrogation. As long as you stay focused on the buyers’ needs, a factor of trust will be built between your business and the customer.

Reevaluate and analyze

The key to conversational marketing is reevaluating, analyzing and optimizing your solution. With machine learning on our side, it’s far simpler to understand your customers in real-time. Data from conversational marketing solutions allow brands and retailers to gain vital insights into consumer behavior as well as product performance. Analyzing such insights will allow your business to reveal what aspects of your conversation flow work best.

It’s never too late to jump into the AI game, so now’s the time to utilize the best practices of conversational marketing.

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Lauren Panaswich is a content strategist at zoovu with a background in new media and digital marketing. With a centric focus on AI, she advocates the importance of personalization and humanization in a digital environment. Based in Boston, Lauren enjoys traveling, learning and meeting new people.