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[Exclusive] Webinar: How to Become an Adviser Brand and Convert More Customers

Why now is the time for Adviser Brands

Armed with smartphones and ubiquitous high-speed internet, modern consumers can research a large selection of brands and products at any given time. It’s overwhelming them and making a decision has become a minefield.

This is why consumers now expect brands they trust to step in and help them with dynamic, real-time advice.

Brian Solis, Altimeter Principal Analyst and Futurist, coined the term ‘Adviser brands’. It describes customer-centric companies that have understood that offering the right level of guidance, at the right moment to the right customer, throughout the customer journey, is pivotal to increasing loyalty and growth.

Adviser brands are able to attract and convert more customers as they take advantage of the critical ‘micro-moments’ in the customer’s decision-making process and offer proactive advice to help them move to the next stage with confidence.

In the upcoming webinar on Wednesday, March 28th, 2018, Becoming an Adviser Brand – How to Convert More Customers Through Interactive, Real-time Advice, Solis and Markus Linder, CEO of Digital Advice technology provider SMARTASSISTANT, will explain what sets Adviser brands apart.

What makes them different? How do they deliver personal advice? Why are they winning? And what can you do to become an Adviser brand?

You’ll learn:

  • How the rise of empowered and connected consumers is reshaping the buyer journey and brand relationships
  • What responsive brands have to do to deliver convenient and frictionless ‘adviser experiences’ that drive consideration, increase conversions and boost loyalty from the first interaction
  • How you can leverage intelligent technologies, such as Digital Advice, online, on mobile devices, via chatbots and voice assistants to align with the needs and expectations of your customers

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