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With an expanding product range of niche products, it was becoming difficult for LUNA Sandals to ensure all customers received the perfect product for their needs.

The majority of LUNA Sandals consumers didn’t know enough about the product to understand the differences between categories, let alone products within those categories. 

The problem compounded as LUNA Sandals started to expand their product range. The growing selection was becoming overwhelming. Consumers, in their quest for the perfect pair of sandals, would either spend hours reading product descriptions, call customer service for advice or simply exit the site.


LUNA Sandals wanted to maintain an exemplary level of customer satisfaction and the personal service experience they were known for. Yet, as their product range and consumer base grew, it became increasingly difficult for the small team to offer the level of advice and assistance the brand had been built on.

They needed a solution that simplified the customer decision-making process. A solution that was intuitive, engaging and focused on customer needs.

The company used zoovu to create a dynamic digital sales assistant that not only educates visitors on the best product for their needs but also engages and leads 40% of visitors to purchase.

luna sandals assistant

Sandal Picker


High uptake

Over 15% website visitors use the digital assistant


Conversion rate increase

The digital assistant guides 40% of visitors to a purchase


Freed up customer service resources

to focus on other areas of the business

Our customers love our sandals for the simplicity of design, ease of use and the amount of thought that goes into each and every pair. We owe it to our customers to offer the same thoughtful simplicity with our purchasing process. zoovu allows us to focus on each customer, simplify his or her decision-making process and increase confidence in the choices made.
ted mcdonald

Ted McDonald, Founder & President

LUNA Sandals