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With a large, complex, and constantly growing product portfolio, Swisscom found that many of its online customers were not aware of the full range of possibilities. Aiming to generate more and better-qualified leads via Swisscom’s online channels, the telco set its sights on educating potential clients and streamlining the product selection process.

To create engaging, interactive and customer-oriented choosing experiences in their online shop, Swisscom embarked on a search to find a comprehensive technology that would simplify decision-making processes for customers, without generating high internal costs for their customers, operation, and maintenance.


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After learning about the zoovu, Swisscom decided to use the AI-based engagement platform to create and launch digital assistants for mobile phones, mobile phone tariffs, and broadband Internet. The platform lends itself well to building and deploying digital assistants quickly whilst being easy to use and manage by business users without programming skills. 

With zoovu, Swisscom was able to go live and roll out digital assistants in only 6 weeks. And, another six weeks after the launch, Swisscom already generated the first positive results and a clear ROI.

The successful rollout of zoovu digital assistants in multiple categories and languages inspired Swisscom’s marketing and communications team to incorporate the solution into their online communications program to help reinforce their Swisscom's message.


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zoovu’s interactive teaser banners and digital assistants integrated in marketing campaigns


Fast go-to-market and ROI

Roll out within 6 weeks and significant ROI another 6 weeks after launch


Effective lead generation

3x higher lead conversion rate compared to static product pages


Enhanced customer engagement

200% higher click-through rates in marketing campaigns with digital assistants

zoovu helped Swisscom to not only deliver great service and an enhanced online experience to our customers but also allowed us to see results very quickly. Within 6 weeks, we could measure conversion rate uplifts averaging at 50%.
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Nicolas Mériel, Senior Digital Strategist at Swisscom