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"We're seeing that online customers use Zoovu's digital assistants to research online, and then come to our stores to complete their purchase. We enable a smooth transition between online and offline experiences, which helps us to build brand preference and a stronger bond with customers."
Dr. Sebastian Remer, Head of E-Category Management, OBI



As Germany’s leading DIY retailer, OBI has over 650 stores across Europe. In 2010, the company started selling its products online, now offering over 100,000 different items online.


The challenge

In the DIY market, product guidance and knowledgeable advice are crucial business drivers. Customers should be given the kind of advice they’d get from a trusted friend or neighbor. OBI saw that it needed to improve the digital experience as its large assortment overwhelm consumer and turn into a shopping deterrent. 


The solution

Using Zoovu, OBI has been able to launch intelligent product and shopping assistants in a wide range of product categories. Through a series of needs-oriented questions, each assistant quickly guides customers to the most suitable products.


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