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Effective support and assistance in time of crisis

Support and assistance is crucial during this COVID-19 crisis. Zoovu is here to help you.

Consumers shifted quickly to ecommerce to fulfill their purchasing needs as the reality of COVID-19 set in, and businesses must adjust how they support and assist consumers in their purchase decisions online with a stress-free shopping experience. To provide this level of guidance, brands and retailers must adopt conversational search. This solution is designed to help consumers find the right products they need with ease and speed. Being able to support and assist each consumer as they navigate ecommerce for all their needs must be a priority for brands and retailers now.

Effective support and guidance during this crisis

With Zoovu's conversational search platform, you are always available to help customers navigate through purchase decisions, whether it is for personal protective equipment or activity sets to entertain children. You are able to support each individual customer’s needs and wants thanks to:

  • digital assistants designed to help narrow down product choices to make shopping easier
  • informative and guided online experiences 
  • quick integration with any digital channel
  • alleviating the strain from your own customer services functions
  • being online and available 24/7

What Zoovu’s platform offers you

Make use of the many advantages of conversational search. The following are particularly helpful during the current coronavirus crisis:

Quick time to market

Launch digital assistants in less than 2 weeks with 500+ templates available across categories.

Guide and support customers

Assist customers in their purchase journey by guiding them to the product they are searching for.

Available and online 24/7

Digital assistants never shut down and can be used at any time of day to help customers find the right product.

Guidance and Confidence

Zoovu's conversational search platform is already being used by thousands of B2B and B2C brands and retailers all over the world to create supportive and assistive digital conversations where customers need to feel confident in their purchases. These digital assistants have guided over 100 million customers to the right product or service for their needs. 

For businesses like 3M, MSC Direct and Amazon Zoovu has become the most critical component in helping their customers find the right products for their business, employees or themselves. For example, Amazon are using multiple digital assistants on their homepage to help with buying products ranging from home supplies, gaming consoles and WFH IT equipment.


Zoovu helps us educate our customers on which products to use for certain applications, so they can find the right products and don’t abandon our site along the way.

Digital Merchandising Manager, MSC Direct

Our team is here for you

Our team of dedicated customer success and support managers will help your business identify points of friction in purchase journeys where Zoovu’s solution can be used to maximize customer satisfaction and conversion. We will support you in all questions regarding best practices to support and guide your customers across your distribution channels, give you insight into where to embed assistants, and where to optimize based on consumer behavior, interaction patterns, sales data and product preferences.


Contact Zoovu today

At Zoovu, we are committed to ensuring your products are easy to find, while keeping your employees and customers safe. We are offering Proofs of Value to all retailers and brands who need to increase their digital revenue during these difficult times. Fill out your details and one of our experts will be in touch: