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At Zoovu, we are committed to helping the gaming industry meet the increase in demand and effectively support all consumers, regardless of expertise level, thanks to:

  • Dynamic digital assistants, specifically designed to simplify complex purchase decisions
  • Quick integration across all digital channels, in less than 2 weeks
  • Relieve anxiety and reduce the need to shop around by delivering conversational assistance, 24/7

Plus, get access to real-time insights to control and predict demand and understand what is selling and why

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Our Consumer Electronics clients see:


uplift in Conversion Rate


increased AOV


fewer product returns

How It Works

Zoovu simplifies the game buying experience by:

  • Educating on which gaming product best suits a customer's preferences
  • Providing guidance so customers don't need to waste time and effort shopping around
  • Increasing confidence with personalized recommendations

With Zoovu you can translate complex game specifications like console compatibility, play type, gamer expertise level, Pegi rating and genre into a language that any consumer can understand.

Why our clients love us

zoovu provides us with a powerful platform and lots of benefits out of the box. Thanks to the flexibility of the platform, we were able to translate our digital assistants into multiple languages and integrate them on over 50 of our country websites.
EMEA Marketing Strategy Director
Canon Europe Ltd.
Since zoovu, we’ve seen a 25% increase in conversion rates, AOVs increase by 18% and better average time spent on the page. A 65% add-to-cart rate increase to about tells us that people are actually finding what they’re looking for - for us that’s huge.
Product Manager
Because of the assistant’s success for the business, we've rolled it out across more product categories and ranges.
E-marketing content manager
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