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Deploy digital assistants

Enable self-service and assisted selling in your brick and mortar store

Increase sales and engagement with your own digital sales
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Make your sales staff more productive
Assisted selling and staff augmentation

Turn sales associates into on-demand experts using zoovu digital assistants on tablets. Help them ask the right questions and create a consistent, positive experience.

assisted selling
Next-level store experience
Self-service made possible

Enable consumers to find what they're looking for, without the need to speak to an in-store associate. Integrate digital assistants in brand corners on kiosks and touchscreen displays to create a more positive in-store experience and drive more sales.


Case study

Metro: Digital Assistants at the store

Read how METRO uses zoovu‘s AI Conversational Marketing platform to create a more engaging in-store experience.
In under 8 weeks, METRO's digital assistants were rolled out in four product categories and 3 language versions.

Upgrade your in-store experience

Enrich search experiences across different store locations
Professional support
Quick implementation
Easy maintenance and optimization
Integrated customer data capture
Offline access available
Gain valuable insights per store location
Grow your business by 4X today!