Simplify complex purchase decisions

Transform your search experience to increase sales and uncover data blind spots

Increase sales by 211%
with AI Conversational Search

Are complex product offerings damaging your sales performance and conversion rates? Don’t rely on customers to self-navigate.

Reduce complexity by providing a search experience that goes beyond keywords. Engage buyers in a conversation to educate and assist them to the perfect products for their unique needs.

The better way to sell
Translate tech specs into usage-based language

Help your buyers make sense of abstract specifications by translating them into a language that they can understand. With Zoovu, you can have conversations that are needs-based, rather than focusing on features.

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Reduce friction

Understand and act upon buyer intent to increase purchase confidence by 81%

Increase channel partner performance

Grow revenue contribution and take back control of how your products are sold

Uncover data
blind spots

Gain real-time insights into buyer motivation, product preferences and sales performance

Zoovu syndication
Accelerate channel partner performance

Deploy Zoovu across your network to maximize revenue contribution and gain access to never-seen-before data.  

Turn your partners into product experts, increase the visibility of your products and take back control of the search experience. Always available, wherever your customers are.

Latest case study
Reduce complexity
to increase sales

MSC Direct wanted to make the process of buying Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) easier and faster for buyers to find the right Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

With Zoovu, MSC engages buyers in a conversation, asking the right questions to narrow down thousands of options to the perfect shortlist of products based on their unique usage. The result? Buyers convert, confident that their selection is compliant, and their workers are safe. 


increase in conversion

"zoovu helps us drive conversion and be more customer-centric. We can assist our customers find the right products."
Priyadarshini Pawar
E-Business Manager, Hilti
"Our digital assistants are continuously improving by leveraging data such as customer behavior, conversion and sales data. This way we can ensure optimum usability and customer satisfaction without costly manual maintenance work."
Sebastian Remer
Head of E- Category Management, OBI
"Customer engagement, for us, is about being available and educating customers about the right products to use for certain applications."
Rebecca Avery
Digital Merchandising Manager, MSC Direct

The Zoovu

Keywords don’t work. Conversations do. Guide, assist and sell more by asking questions!
Transform your search experience

Optimize every conversation to maximize engagement and conversion with Zoovu AI

Streamline the sales process

Generate 3x more qualified leads, and push these straight into your CRM tool



Flexible and scalable

Be where your customers are. Online or in-store, Zoovu is there to support your customers and sales team

Uncover data blind spots

Gain insights into buyer motivation, product preferences, and sales performance

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