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Intelligent Site Search

Search that understands your buyers.

Transform how products are discovered with intelligent site search that surfaces relevant products to drive conversion.


Understand the contextual meaning of every search query with semantically enriched search. Delivering accurate results instantly.
No manual effort required.

Semantic Search

Intelligent site search powered by semantic data understands the intent behind a product search query and delivers accurate results instantly. Take the keyword guessing game out of the buyer’s journey with a search experience that understands every query and surfaces the the most relevant product.

Let buyers find what they want, not just what they type. Users will easily find their favorite breakfast recipe, whether they search for pancakes, crêpes, or hot cakes.

fruit pancakes search

Search that understands

Improving site search means solving the frustrations both buyers and businesses endure with the conventional search box experience.

Intelligent site search takes query to conversion by addressing common search problems:

  • Inaccurate results: Detects what the user really want by breaking down queries semantically and understand every last detail.
  • Buyers language vs product descriptions: Understands and translates imprecise phrasing or simple spelling mistakes into attributes that match what your product catalog can deliver.
  • No results found: Recognizes what synonyms buyers use to find products with the world’s most comprehensive library of product ontology.
fruit pancakes search

Search that always delivers

Don’t let buyers miss out on the right product or services. With Zoovu’s intelligent site search your buyers will find the products they want in an instant, and your product data will get an immediate upgrade without any manual effort.

  • Instant results with autocomplete suggestions
  • Show only what’s relevant and available
  • Constantly enriched data: Every search improves your product catalog by identifying data gaps and using our proprietary Semantic Studio to enhance your product data
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Get more control over your search experience and its results

Search Analysis


Gain access to concrete data to help optimize the search experience. Understand how search is being used to identify opportunities to improve and which customizations perform best.

Search Insights


Builds an extensive library of search experience data by learning the keywords and behaviors that resonate with buyers to create an improved customer experience.

Search Customization


Control the weighting and ordering of products based on availability, promotions, or seasonality. Create search parameters that allow you to show certain products to specific user groups, or different prices for products based.

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