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Selling online should be conversational!

Here’s how Zoovu works – in five simple steps

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AI Conversational Search for Subscription Businesses

Help your customers find what they're looking for online
during a time of need

Selling online should be conversational!

Here’s how Zoovu works – in five simple steps

Step #1: A simple start
Pick a template

Choose from 500+ templates with pre-defined conversation flows. Select and customize the one that best fits your business to get a head start. Less time planning, more time generating sales.

Step #2: We’ll translate your SKU data
Upload. Map. Job Done.

We handle millions of SKUs in seconds. Zoovu's dynamic data tagging turns your product specs into human-friendly language. Simply define your transformation rules once and let Zoovu do the rest. No IT required

Step #3: Time to customize
Make it your own

Use our intuitive drag-and-drop conversation builder to fine-tune your Q&A flow, add new questions, upload images, and customize the design. No matter how complex the conversation, our visual builder ensures you're always on top of it!

Step #4: Let's go live!
Forget IT. Go live in seconds

Who needs IT support? With Zoovu, you simply copy and paste one line of JavaScript code to your website and you're live and ready to go. Spend less time setting up and more time generating sales!

Engage & convert 4X more shoppers

Your search experience is about to get conversational

Why our clients love working with us

Kerri M.

Head of Digital
11-50 employees

"Excited to launch!"

Zoovu's platform is so easy to use and is very user friendly. In addition, the team at Zoovu is very helpful and has optimized our assistant in ways that we didn't even think of.

Blair S.

Sporting goods

"Great Experience"

PRO: Zoovu's flexibility and ease of use for both business and consumer. I was looking for a way to help potential members decide which of our membership option was best suited to their needs.

Liv M.

Apparel & Fashion, 11-50 employees

"Great product!"

We found Zoovu right at the time when we were desperately looking for a tool like this. Zoovu makes it super easy for our customers to narrow down options by asking simple questions to our customers. Plus, they have amazing customer service!

Verified Reviewer

Consumer Electronics, 51-200 employees

"Customer journeys reimagined"

We wanted to improve our landing pages - category pages with a lot of products and confusing parameters to choose from. Zoovu is the industry standard to build e-commerce quizzes to grow ROI and improve conversion rates.
Case study

How PURE SCOOTERS doubled their conversion in 90 days