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Automate data management and fuel revenue growth like never before. Transform the complexity of your business into a sales strategy through AI-powered shopping experiences.

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Maximizing Sales for Leading Enterprise Brands 
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Automated Data Solutions for Retailers

In the highly competitive retail space, revenue growth is achieved through providing exceptional shopping experiences and retaining customers. But inaccurate data, because of labor-intensive manual processes can undermine customer trust and lead to a negative post-purchase experience, lost customs, and diminishing performance.

Leveraging Zoovu’s leading enterprise AI platform, you can eliminate product errors and simplify your data consolidation processes. By automating and enhancing your data with AI, you can transform the complexity of your business into streamlined automations, fueling growth into the future.

AI Product Data Enrichment

Streamline your data management and eliminate repetitive tasks. Zoovu uses AI to automate cleaning, structuring and enriching product data from different vendors and in different formats, ensuring that your customers enjoy a consistent and informative buying experience that encourages purchases.
  • Replace time-consuming manual processes with efficient automation
  • Remove inconsitent, inaccurate data etc…
  • Streamline operations and cut costs

Deliver Accurate Results

Eliminate the guesswork from your customers' queries with an Intelligent Search experience that goes beyond simple text-based matches. Deliver results that understand the intent of each query and present the most relevant products, tips, or guides for your customers. 
  • Find products effortlessly, regardless of file types
  • Supports natural-language search
  • Understand context and meaning of search terms to deliver accurate results
  • Recognize synonyms for accurate results

Personalize the Shopping Experience

Guided Selling Assistants, powered by AI, revolutionize how customers shop by curating personalized recommendations through needs-based questions. With Zoovu, your customers cut through overwhelming choices and can find the best products for their needs, empowering them with the confidence to buy.
  • Expand product awareness
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Increase post-purchase satisfaction
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Zoovu Automates  Cross-Selling

Increase average order values and drive new revenue growth with targeted cross-sell and upsell strategies through Zoovu. Our intelligent recommendations create opportunities for product bundles or sets, specific to your customer’s needs, turning what was once a complex problem into a streamlined strategy for success.

  • Unlock Upselling & Cross-selling Potential
  • Automate Processes; Maximize Efficiency
  • Minimize Errors in Accessory Pairing

Understand What your Customers Want

Dive into the psychology of your customers buying decisions to truly understand their needs and preferences. Zoovu not only captures buying patterns and historical trends, but it also uncovers the ‘why’ behind each purchase.

  • Uncover trends and triggers that lead to conversions
  • Discover what product features resonate with different customer segments
  • Leverage zero-party data to create new product development and marketing strategies

Unlock Multichannel Growth Opportunities

Zoovu's powerful discovery experiences can be embedded seamlessly into various touchpoints of the customer's journey, including social media, email, blogs (both owned and external), and interactive banners. These integrations not only drive traffic but create fun, interactive engagements, turning casual browsers into committed buyers.


Better data, experiences, and intelligence drive better
outcomes every time.

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