Boost holiday sales with Zoovu conversational gift finders

How T-Mobile increased their conversion rate by 500%

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Boost holiday sales with Zoovu conversational gift finders

How T-Mobile increased their conversion rate by 500%!

The holiday season is your opportunity to outshine your competition.

As the holidays approach, consumers begin to search more frantically for the perfect gifts.
73% of holiday shoppers will try out new brands and retailers.
This is your big chance to impress, engage and convert many new customers.

Are you prepared?

A $475 billion-dollar market
not to ignore

According to Research and Markets, the global gift retail market will register a revenue of almost $475 billion by 2024. In the U.S. alone, about $1 out of every $10 spent is spent on gifts, amounting up to approximately 10% of the entire retail market.

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The goal is clear:
Maximize sales!
But how?

If you want to drive strong sales growth for your company,
simplifying the customer experience to make your shoppers’ lives easier needs to be a top priority.


of shoppers say that there's too much choice, which makes the gift shopping process even more difficult.


are overwhelmed, don't know what to buy as a gift and are afraid of getting the wrong present.


complain about brands and retailers not providing enough support to make the gift selection easier.

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Ever thought about boosting sales with
AI conversational gift finders?

You should.

Conversational gift finders are proven to help marketers increase sales during the holiday season:

  • 253% higher conversion rate on average
  • 76% increased session duration and engagement
  • 10% fewer product returns

These intelligent digital assistants go above and beyond to provide gift-hunting shoppers with
the personal, conversation-based assistance they seek and, in doing so, help you drive conversion!

The power of gift finders online, in-store and
on chatbots

With a conversational gift finder, you can help shoppers discover and purchase gifts in a more engaging way.

Like an empathetic sales assistant, these AI digital assistants ask a few key questions to learn more about the gift recipient.

Each answer takes your customers one step closer to the perfect gift and provides you with powerful insights to understand what makes your customers buy.

This is priceless!

Ask T-Mobile.

Case study

How T-Mobile increased their conversion rate by 500%

T-Mobile realized that if it could offer tailored purchasing advice to each shopper, it could vastly improve the customer experience – boosting engagement, convenience, and value.

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Personalization & Engagement

With its sights set on delivering a more personalized and engaging customer experience, T-Mobile realized it needed to enhance its online shopping experience by integrating tailored, intelligent guidance that helps shoppers discover the perfect products.

"Expecting customers to manually sift through countless browser pages to find the right products is an outmoded concept. It’s slow, frustrating, and frequently ineffective."
Director of eCommerce Category Management
at T-Mobile


A gift finder that can be flexibly adapted for different seasonal marketing campaigns

Starting with Christmas, then Mother’s Day, Father’s Day,
Back-to-School, and more.

T-Mobile replaced its static product search with Zoovu AI digital assistants to quickly match shoppers with the ideal products, delighting them and skyrocketing conversions.

Get your gift finder

Go live in days,
not weeks!

With Zoovu, you can manage the setup, optimization and evaluation of your digital assistant all in one place. That's less time creating and more time seeing ROI. No IT required.

Bring your ideas to life faster!

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Mission accomplished.

After implementing Zoovu, T-Mobile has seen a substantial lift in the number of people engaging compared to the previous, static gift guides; and those customers have also received more value from the experience, converting at a far higher rate.

"Customer engagement increased, and the conversion rate was 500% higher with Zoovu than with our static solutions."

Digital Category Manager for Accessories at T-Mobile

Zoovu can help you generate similar results for your business. Bragging rights included!

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Sell 5x more
with a gift finder

No matter the occasion, a gift finder is
the ultimate way to drive conversion!

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