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Interactive Product Advice

Rid customers of overwhelming product descriptions and technical jargon. With Zoovu you can easily explain the added value of your products while setting yourself apart from the competition. By doing so, you improve customer satisfaction, build customer brand loyalty, and increase sales on digital channels.
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interactive product advice

Increase sales across distribution channels

Deliver in the moment with digital commerce search wherever your products are sold: branded website, marketplaces, channel partners, and social channels.

Reach your target audience in the most important phases of the customer journey from discovery to post-purchase. Strengthen the value of your channel partnerships while driving incremental revenue increases across the product catalog by engaging, educating, converting, and supporting.

Take control of how your brand and products are represented and sold across channels.
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Engage audiences across all
phases of the customer journey

Increase brand awareness & build brand loyalty

Support, inform, and engage buyers early to play a central role in their path to purchase.

Simplify buying decisions and maximize conversion

Convince potential buyers by engaging in a needs-based interaction to narrow down choice, understand their individual needs, and communicate the value of your products.

Gain actionable insights with behavioral data

Fuel retargeting activities and product investments with behavioral data that understands why customers bought your product and what questions influenced purchasing.

500+ brands worldwide rely on Zoovu

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Promote brand loyalty and purchase decisions

With our digital assistants, we help customers sift through different brands and products to find and buy the right product for their needs. Because of Zoovu, our office product sales increased by 270%.

Advantages & Solutions

01 SEO, SEM, & Advertising ROI

Integrate digital commerce search on landing pages and banner ads to help high-intent shoppers find the right product quickly and easily.

With digital commerce search, you can expect to convert search traffic (SEO & SEM) by 40% or more, and maximize the ROI of your marketing activities.

Create positive brand experiences right from the start of the customer journey.

02 Channel partner distribution

Integrate digital commerce search with your retail partners to drive purchase confidence, differentiate from competitors, and sell more products. Selling across regions is easy with automatic translations in any language within the Zoovu platform.

On average, brands increase retail sales by 3x when using Zoovu.

Through our existing network, experience, and expertise we support you with a successful channel strategy and subsequent rollout of digital commerce search experiences. See measurable ROI within days of deploying.

03 Social Commerce

Engage, educate, empower, and deliver to customers with always available social commerce
Deploy digital commerce search across the social channels your customers care about. Provide always available guidance and support through click-based or chatbot conversations to support a frictionless customer journey.
Reduce customer-acquisition-costs by 25%

04 Qualitative market research

In the Zoovu platform, you have direct, unfiltered access to real-time data about the needs and interests of your customers - no matter where they engage in a conversation.

Gain deeper insights into barriers to purchase, decision-making criteria, buying intent, and customer demographics to shape marketing and product initiatives.

05 Intuitive Platform

As the market leader, Zoovu's Digital Commerce Search platform combines all the components your company needs for a successful, scalable roll-out of your next-gen commerce search strategy.

Allowing you to stay in control and grow your business.

Go live +90% faster
No IT help required

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