A personalized search solution for ecommerce teams that want to deliver more accurate and relevant results

Swap generic, keyword-driven results for Search Studio, a search tool that understands what your customers need, no matter what words they use. Boost conversion rates and make it easier for your team to manage search.

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A search solution that understands what your customer is looking for every single time

Typical ecommerce search experience
Zoovu ecommerce search experience
Typical ecommerce search experience Zoovu ecommerce search experience

80% of people abandon ecommerce sites because of bad search. Do things differently with Zoovu's Search Studio

Help customers find ultra-relevant, in-stock products without multiple searches


Guide customers to the products they're looking for on their first search

  • Use AI to analyze every search query, understand its meaning, and show the most relevant products while reducing zero-result rates
  • Anticipate what customers are searching for and give suggestions as they type
  • Improve search results by recognizing synonyms, slang, and alternate spellings or units of measurement
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Customize your search experience—no coding or design skills required

  • Boost the visibility of products in search results with custom search rankings so you can supercharge campaigns
  • Embed content, videos, guided selling assistants or promotional banners on results, reorder and pin results, and redirect queries to specific pages
  • Customize the look, feel, and functionality of your search experience without writing a single line of code
  • Handle search queries in any language and embed search experiences anywhere in seconds by copying and pasting a single line of code
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Optimize your search experience with in-depth reports on consumer behavior

  • Analyze and act on key site search metrics from a single dashboard, including popular queries, top results, query trends, and zero result rates
  • Easily share reports and metrics across your organization so you can plan, execute, and optimize marketing campaigns, product development, and more
  • Use search reports to build engaging and effective guided selling assistants and product configurators
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Everything you need to guide customers to the right product in a single search—wherever and however you sell

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Semantic search and natural language processesing

Understand every word used in text or voice-based search, including slang and synonyms

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Dynamic ranking

Rank products based on customizable criteria, like margins, availability, or seasonality

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Multilingual capabilities

Handle search queries in any language for quick and easy global deployment

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Seamless integration

Integrate Zoovu’s Intelligent Search into your website with just a few lines of code

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Global support

Partner with a global team of experts to plan, execute, and optimize your search strategy

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Designed for scale

Zoovu's search is built to handle traffic spikes so you can plan for any number of searches

The world's biggest B2C and B2B brands are boosting engagement, conversions, and sales with Zoovu's intelligent search

increase in search usage
reduction in abandon rates
increase in AOV

Give customers a hyper-personalized shopping experience while staying compliant accessible, and secure

GDPR compliant
Comply with GDPR

Zoovu is GDPR compliant so your customers’ data is private and secure

WCAG and ADA compliant
Build for WCAG and ADA requirements

Zoovu’s design tools allow you to build assistants that align with accessibility regulations

Secure your data with SOC 2 Type 2

Zoovu is SOC 2 Type 2 certified so you can be certain that your data is protected

Integrate Zoovu with your PIM, ERP, CRM, and
any other system you rely on

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Product overview

Conversation Studio

Generate personalized product recommendations
Ask customers a series of questions and give personalized product recommendations based on their needs and preferences.

Configuration Studio

Build visual product configurators
Allow customers to use drag and drop tools to quickly and visually build perfect product bundles from 1000s of options.

Advisor Studio

Connect customers with a personal product advisor
Give customers access to Zoe, a generative AI shopping assistant powered by Zoovu Advisor Studio. Create personalized product descriptions and answer customer questions in real-time to help buyers click ‘add to cart’ with confidence.

Zoovu Platform

Clean, organize, and enrich product data
Automatically collect, clean, and translate product data into the language of customers so they can find products easier and faster.
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Frequently asked questions

There are two main differences: The ability to understand search intent to deliver more accurate results and the ability to easily customize what is shown on results pages.

Most site search tools generate results by scanning product descriptions for keywords. For example, if some searched for ‘black guitar’, the search results would deliver not only guitars that were black, but also black guitar strings, black guitar cases, black guitar cables, and other similar results. Customers are left with an overwhelming number of choices to search through and are no closer to knowing which option is best for them. Zoovu’s Search Studio operates differently. It starts with our AI, which translates product data into attributes that reflect customer needs. It uses these attributes to understand what a customer is searching for and providing the products that best fit the search intent.

Customizing search strategy and results is often complex and time-consuming, or a nonexistent feature in most site search software. Zoovu combines simple, visual, and no-code design tools that allows you to customize and launch search results in a few minutes. For example, you can choose to display certain products at the top of searches, direct to special promotional pages for certain searches, or embed promotional banners or links to guided selling assistants on search pages.

There will always be a segment of customers that don’t know exactly what they’re looking for and will search using non-technical language. Maybe they’re new to the industry or category. Or their needs may have changed. On the other hand, product numbers may change, or products may be discontinued.

If your site search software doesn’t recognize the language customers are using, or doesn’t account for the way your product catalog or search trends evolve, you’ll likely miss a lot of business. With Zoovu, you don’t have to choose between strategies—you get the best of all of them so you can get the right products in the hands of the right people every time they search on your site.

Zoovu’s intelligent search goes beyond product searches and allows you to integrate various content types, such as help articles, datasheets, tutorials, videos, and documentations as part of regular search results. They are displayed in a separate section for non-product content, allowing customers to switch between product and content results easily. Ensuring your content is discoverable not only maximizes the impact of your content, but also supports customers in their decision-making process. By combining product and content searches you have the opportunity to offer your customers useful advice and inspiration throughout their shopping journey.

First of all, you’re not alone. Fragmented, incomplete, inconsistent, and siloed data is the status quo for most companies. That’s why Zoovu built its data platform, which uses AI to collect product data from various sources (like PDFs, webpages, reviews, PIMs, and ERPs), clean it, and standardize it.

Instead of spending months or years manually sifting through thousands of SKUs, reviewing each one, and tagging every product, Zoovu’s AI automates the process so it can be done in a few hours. Every time a SKU is added or changed, this process is automatically triggered so maintaining your catalog is easy. Then, this data can be exported to your other business systems so multiple departments can work with a single source of data.

Security is our first priority when it comes to your data and the data of your customers. Zoovu is Soc 2 Type 2 certified, the most globally recognized and stringent certification when it comes to securely managing customer data. All data provided by your customers is anonymous to Zoovu—we don’t have access to any data about an individual that interacts with a Zoovu guided selling assistant, meaning your customers are guaranteed privacy. Zoovu is also GDPR compliant.

Yes, Zoovu can integrate with almost any system your business relies on, including PIMs, ERPs, and CRMs. For a list of systems we commonly integrate with, visit our integrations page.

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