We're zoovu

Engaging and advising millions of consumers every day
to help them make confident decisions.

With our technology, we empower brands to truly understand their customers and deliver incredible digital engagement experiences
by asking questions.

Quit being dull and stale. People expect authentic engagement.

Today, it's no longer just about reach - it's about how motivated people are to engage with you.

Welcome to the Engagement Economy!

Knowing how to interact, engage and, more importantly, guide people in a personal way, whether they're in a store or online, is the only way businesses can survive in this new era.

The competitive advantage lies in a brand's ability to engage and retain customers, regardless of industry.

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Do you want to deliver engaging, next-level experiences?

We help brands and retailers deliver personal, in-context engagement

People have to make numerous decisions and choices every day and not all of them are easy.

Many years ago, we realized that what the digital environment was missing was the ability to engage with consumers and walk them through complex decisions in a human-friendly way.

zoovu digital assistants do this in three ways:

zoovu asks questions to understand what your customers want

zoovu observes their behavior and learns what they like

zoovu leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to show them what they need

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Empower your customers to buy with confidence

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Making the digital world human-friendly


More than 15 million

people served every year in more than 80 countries and in 40 languages


Over a thousand

zoovu digital assistants are at work and deliver intelligent guidance and support at over 150 brands and retailers worldwide


300+ domains covered

Digital assistants are trained in product domains, ranging from consumer electronics, healthcare, banking to telecommunications and everything in-between