Zoovu partners with SQLI


SQLI Digital Experience, a European full-service digital company, announced their partnership with Zoovu today – a leading AI-powered conversational search platform. The partnership enables their B2B customers to deliver meaningful contextual conversations on digital channels that drive purchase decisions. Zoovu transforms product data into structured, searchable information and scalable, consumer-friendly search experiences.

B2B companies across all industries face the challenge of digitizing sales processes and improving sales effectiveness across their different channels, in order to increase revenue and retention. The ease with which B2B buyers are able to navigate the purchasing process has a tremendous impact on their opinion of a brand or product, and ultimately, their decision to select a particular supplier.

With Zoovu’s suite of digital commerce search capabilities, companies gain a competitive advantage for reducing complexity in B2B buying. Instead of filtering convoluted settings and features, buyers go through AI-driven guided selling solutions and digital configurators that adapt to individual needs. This advanced purchase journey leads them through an interactive product and service selection process that presents offers and recommendations tailored to their needs and application.

The experts at SQLI work together with businesses to define and roll out a digital strategy and roadmap that ensures Zoovu is a natural fit with all your other backend and frontend systems, making the whole better than the sum of its parts.

To be successful in today’s omnichannel experience economy, businesses need to provide their customers with an online experience that’s as good as, if not better than, any interaction they can get in-store. This is especially important for B2B brands selling technical or complex products, or situations where the customer may not always know precisely what they want. Zoovu is able to reduce this complexity with ease, providing businesses with insights into the customers’ decision-making process.” - Roy Machielsen, Managing Director SQLI Netherlands

Providing digital buying assistance has never been more important; not only for providing a superior CX, but also for enabling organizations to exceed increasing buyer expectations. SQLI is a natural match with Zoovu, sharing our ambition and passion for delivering value to our clients. Together, we deliver the framework for accelerating and increasing sales with conversational omnichannel experiences, reaching a 211% increase in conversion." - Rob Mullen, CEO Zoovu


About SQLI

Founded in 1990, SQLI Digital Experience is a European full-service digital company that defines, builds, and grows the digital business value of leading international brands.

We are both technical and creative thinkers, committed to delivering meaningful and engaging experiences by leveraging technologies, methodologies, skills, and creativity to get closer to the customer or user and capture their attention. We design, develop and deploy solid high-performing architectures that improve business agility, increase efficiencies, and facilitate business growth.

Our 2,100 employees are located in 13 countries: France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, The United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Morocco, Mauritius, and Dubai. In 2020, the SQLI Group achieved a turnover of €214M and has been listed on Euronext Paris (SQI) since 21 July 2000.