Guide millions of customers to the perfect product with AI product advisors

Connect shoppers with products that fit their exact needs with the only out-of-the-box, AI advisor for enterprise ecommerce brands. Increase conversions, AOV, and customer loyalty across all categories, regions, and channels.

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  • Bosch kitchen configurator
  • 3M hearing advisor
  • Dick's Sporting Goods wedge selector
  • KitchenAid standmixer configurator

The best of the best in ecommerce use Zoovu to get breakthrough results

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Microsoft Laptop Finder
Workplace Configurator
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Dick's Sporting Goods Wedge Selector
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Trek Bike Finder
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Canon Lens Selector

Convert more customers.
Again, and again, and again.

Enterprise ecommerce brands spend millions on marketing campaigns to get web traffic, only to see 97% of visitors leave without buying a thing. Zoovu’s product advisors were designed to fix this massive inefficiency across every channel, category, and region.

Create product advisors in a few hours

Easily Launch personalized guided selling tools using Zoovu’s no-code design features
  • Out-of-the-box, mobile-friendly visual themes
  • Drag-and-drop question flow builder
  • Automated translation
 easy to build@x

Quickly increase sales by matching customers with the perfect product

Zoovu’s product advisor uses dynamic question flows to find what customers need and want. It uses that data to recommend the best product, whether you have 10 SKUs or 10 million.
  • Personalize product descriptions with gen AI
  • Answer customer questions in real-time
  • Integrate lead-capture forms
guided selling assistant

Continually boost conversion with zero-party data and AI optimization

See the performance of your product advisors from a central dashboard and use AI to adjust question flows so you can make the most of every customer interaction.
  • Optimize question flows with AI
  • Conduct A/B testing
  • Duplicate and adjust product advisors in minutes
 personalized product recommendations@x

Launch hyper-relevant cross-sell and upsell offers to multiply average order value

Use product advisors to recommend compatible and complementary products personalized to each shopper for better merchandising and bigger AOV.
  • Create custom rules to rank and display products matched to each customer
  • Use dynamic filters to show only relevant options on category pages
  • Use AI to create accurate product relations without manual mapping
 zero party data@x

Scale product advisors across any channel and any language with two lines of code

Easily add product advisors to guide customers wherever they’re shopping by copying and pasting two lines of auto-generated code.
  • Launch advisors on retailer sites and online marketplaces
  • Create advisors for in-store kiosks
  • Auto-translate advisors into any language
 omnichannel ecommerce syndication@x

Use AI to make your product data cleaner, more organized,
and more discoverable while cutting operating costs

Collect your
product data

Import product data from PDFs, websites, databases, and other sources.

Clean your
product data

Correct spelling errors, normalize values, and fill in gaps with a few clicks.

Clean product data
Make your products discoverable

Use AI to automatically classify products with needs-based tags, like ‘portable’ or ‘for beginners’.

make products discoverable
Maintain your
product data

Apply updates to your database in a few seconds whenever new products are added or information is updated

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Zoovu in action: How Canon hit new heights with online sales using Zoovu product advisors

Read the full Canon story

Outside view of Canon building


With the goal to “not sell any product, but sell the right product to each shopper”, Canon was eager to make it easier for their diverse and discerning audience to quickly discover the perfect products for their needs. The company was looking for intuitive ways to educate and inspire shoppers.


With the help of Zoovu, Canon used real-time insight to address what consumers cared about most in the moment. The ability to act fast helped Canon to increase customer engagement and revenue.

Increase in conversion rate  
Increase in revenue
Click-through to product pages

As consumer needs changed, we adapted the assistant and re-launched it within two weeks. Usage skyrocketed.”

Guide every shopper to their ideal products with personalized recommendations that convert.

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Frequently asked questions

Large online catalogs may confuse shoppers. Product advisors guide visitors to tailored recommendations using responses to a series of questions and customer preferences. This boosts conversions.

Product advisors provide an interactive user experience and use data to offer smart recommendations. This creates an enjoyable journey where every shopper is connected to the right products.

Yes, Zoovu can personalize and streamline the buying experience, even for anonymous users. Using zero-party data supplied by the customer, Zoovu understands the needs and preferences of the shopper and delivers personalized experiences.

Zoovu offers a range of personalization features to support the sales process, including AI-driven product recommendations, dynamic search personalization, zero-party data collection, CPQ options, and multi-channel personalization strategies.

By providing highly relevant and detailed information, recommendations, and search results pages, Zoovu helps customers find what they’re looking for more quickly and easily anywhere, from web to mobile devices. significantly improving the likelihood of purchase and thus boosting conversion rates.

Yes, Zoovu is designed to integrate seamlessly with most ecommerce platforms. Our API-first, headless architecture allows flexible implementation and customization to fit your specific needs and tech stack.

Zoovu collects zero-party data directly from customers through interactive experiences, such as quizzes or surveys. This data is then used to personalize shopping experiences, making recommendations and content more relevant to customer requirements and preferences.

Absolutely. Zoovu’s ecommerce personalization platform is designed to cater to both B2B and B2C sectors, offering scalable solutions that can be tailored to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of each, from configurable products to quote generation and beyond.

While results can vary, many clients begin to see improvements in engagement, customer satisfaction, and conversion rates within a few weeks of implementing Zoovu’s personalized experiences.

Getting started with Zoovu is easy. Simply request a demo, and our team will guide you through the process, from integration to launching your first personalized experiences.

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