Say hi to Zoe Zoe logo , the best salesperson you’ll ever have

Zoe is a generative AI shopping assistant powered by Zoovu’s Advisor Studio. It knows everything about your products and helps every one of your customers fall in love with the perfect one

See how Zoe can help you convert more clicks into customers

Go ahead, ask Zoe some questions

Pretend you’ve been recommended a laptop and want to know more.

Ask Zoe about the laptop’s:

  1. 1


    Ie. How long does the battery last?

  1. 2

    Usage and fit

    Ie. Is this laptop good for travelling?

  1. 3


    Ie. What kind of connectors does it have?

  1. 4


    Ie. What kind of regular maintenance is recommended?

Connect millions of your customers with their own
product advisor

Zoe helps you personalize the last mile of the shopping experience. After talking to Zoe, your shoppers
will click ‘Add to cart’ with confidence so you can sell more and gain life-long customers.

  • How Microsoft is teaming up with Zoe to boost conversions

    Microsoft uses Zoe to help customers discover and evaluate the products they want with the confidence they need. The result—a better customer experience and breakthrough results for the brand.

    +24% Engagement Rate

    +45% Completion Rate

    +18% Click-through Rate

Give your customers the joy of finding the perfect
product—no matter where they’re looking—with Zoe

Any language

Zoe speaks over 200 languages and can learn regional terminology, so it can interact with customers from every corner of the world

Any product

Zoe is an expert in every product category, no matter how niche or expansive it is

Any channel

Zoe can be in a thousand places, talking to millions of customers at the same time, including on retail websites, on in-store kiosks, and more channels

Any system

Zoe works seamlessly with the tools you’re already using, including site search, chatbots, and other Zoovu experiences

How it works

How Zoe always knows the right thing to say
to your customers

Use the Zoovu Data Platform to collect, clean, and enrich product data

Find out what your customers need and want using first- and zero-party data

Personalize customer interactions at scale using product data, customer input, and AI that connects the two


Zoe: Powerful. Reliable. Customer-first.

Answers you can trust

Zoe only uses data in the Zoovu Data Platform and the rules you set for it to interact with customers so you can be confident that Zoe gives the most accurate information.

One Zoe, endless possibilities

Zoe can learn about millions of products and customers without months or years of training so you can talk to anyone about anything you sell like a complete expert.

Zero-party data means zero guesswork

Zoe combines actual customer input and behavioral signals to give customers the best information available instead of generic, surface-level responses.

All the control, none of the grunt work

Set guidelines for what Zoe talks about and how it talks about it in less than five minutes so you can build the ultimate brand advocate with almost no extra work.