Help millions of customers find the perfect product in seconds with AI shopping assistants

Engage shoppers and drive conversions with AI digital assistants. Build product finders, quizzes, advisors, and other ecommerce experiences that set you apart from your competition.

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The world’s biggest ecommerce brands use Zoovu’s digital assistants
to help customers fall in love with their products

Smart Assistant
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Trek Bike Finder
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Start measuring conversion rates in double digits instead of decimal points

The average ecommerce brand converts visitors at around 3%. Zoovu has helped some of the biggest companies in the world increase conversion rates up to 18% with AI-powered digital assistants.

Guide shoppers to the perfect product

  • Ask customers about their needs and preferences
  • Use AI to turn their answers into personalized product recommendations
  • Create personalized product descriptions and answer questions in real-time with generative AI
guided selling assistant

Create targeted merchandising offers for every customer to drive higher AOV

  • Customize search results and category listings in a few clicks, then let AI maintain it all
  • Automatically create targeted recommendations and bundles with zero manual mapping
  • Suggest compatible and complementary products across pages with a single line of code
Cross selling

Build visual configurators that convert

  • Make it easy to visualize, explore, and configure products
  • Boost AOV by allowing shoppers to build bundles and choose add-ons effortlessly
  • Streamline quoting and accelerate deals by integrating with your CPQ and other sales tools
 create custom product configurator

Help your customers find the products they’re looking for on the first search

  • Use AI to analyze search queries, understand their meaning, and show relevant products
  • Customize your search experience—no coding or design skills required
  • Embed content, videos, digital assistants, or promotional banners on results pages
 personalized search feature@x

Turn more traffic into sales with digital
assistants for any product category

Guided selling assistants

Create a Q&A flow that guides your customers to the perfect purchase

Product Finders

Lead shoppers directly to the products for their exact need

Recommendation Quizzes

Combine fun with functionality, offering personalized product picks with an engaging quiz

product information
Help Me Choose Widgets

Offer shoppers instant and expert advice about products

Icon of head
Product Advisors

Deliver recommendations as unique as each customer with AI-driven insights

Zoovu in action: KitchenAid increases average order value by 65% with Zoovu’s digital assistants and configurators



Customers weren’t aware of many of KitchenAid’s products, which was leading to lower sales and AOV.


KitcheAid used Zoovu to create product advisors and visual product configurators that highlighted the brand’s bundles and allowed customers to customize their perfect set in minutes.

Integrate Zoovu with Salesforce, SAP,
and any other CMS, ERP, or PIM

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Guide customers to the perfect purchase with
AI-driven digital assistants

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Frequently asked questions

Zoovu’s AI analyzes customer inputs, behavior, and context to develop a nuanced understanding of their needs, preferences, and intent. It then matches shoppers with the most relevant products in your catalog, creating a hyper-personalized experience that drives engagement and conversions.

Zoovu’s digital assistants are led by its innovative Conversation Studio, designed to seamlessly create and manage guided selling tools, product finders, and more. Our technology personalizes the shopping experience at scale, ensuring every customer finds their perfect product match.

Yes, Zoovu is designed to integrate seamlessly with all major ecommerce platforms, PIMs, ERPs, and other critical systems in your tech stack. This ensures a smooth flow of data between systems and enables you to deliver a cohesive, personalized customer experience across every touchpoint.

Yes, Zoovu can personalize and streamline the buying experience for any user, even if they’re anonymous. By leveraging zero-party data, Zoovu understands visitor intentions and preferences, delivering personalized experiences.

Zoovu offers a range of personalization features to support the sales process, including AI-driven product recommendations, dynamic search personalization, zero-party data collection, CPQ options, and multi-channel personalization strategies.

By providing highly relevant and detailed information, recommendations, and search results pages, Zoovu helps customers find what they’re looking for more quickly and easily anywhere, from web to mobile devices. significantly improving the likelihood of purchase and thus boosting conversion rates.

Zoovu collects zero-party data directly from customers through interactive experiences, such as quizzes or surveys. This data is then used to personalize shopping experiences, making recommendations and content more relevant to customer requirements and preferences.

Absolutely. Zoovu’s ecommerce personalization platform is designed to cater to both B2B and B2C sectors, offering scalable solutions that can be tailored to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of each, from configurable products to quote generation and beyond.

While results can vary, many clients begin to see improvements in engagement, customer satisfaction, and conversion rates within a few weeks of implementing Zoovu’s personalized experiences.

Getting started with Zoovu is easy. Simply request a demo, and our team will guide you through the process, from integration to launching your first personalized experiences.

Better data, experiences, and intelligence drive better
outcomes every time.

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