Guide every customer to products they'll love

Ask customers about their needs, preferences, and lifestyle, then recommend the product that perfectly matches them with Zoovu’s product finders. Create customer experiences that lead to more sales and fans.

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Helping the biggest brands in the world create the best experiences for their customers

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Make it easier for your customers to find the perfect product from thousands of possibilities

Build product finders that ask customers questions about themselves and their needs, like “Where do you run most often” or “What are the conditions like on your running route.”
Zoovu’s AI scans data from all your products and recommends the one with features that best match the customer’s answers.
Shoppers get the products they want, fast, and you sell more, more often.

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See the Zoovu product finders that have helped brands increase conversion rates, boost AOV, and reduce returns

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Dick's Sporting Goods Wedge Selector
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Trek Bike Finder
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Microsoft Laptop Finder
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Canon Lens Selector

Why choose Zoovu's ecommerce product finder?

  • Boost conversion rates
    Align customer needs with your product so they’re more likely to hit ‘Add to cart’
  • Increase customer engagement
    Offer a fully interactive and personalized shopping experience
  • Reduce return rates
    Match customers with products they’ll love from day-one
  • Gather data on what and why your customers buy
    Get zero-party data on customer preferences from every interaction with a product finder
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Make online shopping an experience your customers look forward to


Create a personalized journey for each shopper

Create the ultimate salesperson for your ecommerce site with a Zoovu product finder. Understand what customers need, recommend products that fit those needs, and answer questions about why they’ll love it.
product recommendations

Build fast. Build once.

Edit your product finder without coding and see real-time previews in an intuitive visual canvas. Update, translate, and syndicate your product finder with just a few clicks, without starting from scratch.
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Inspire shoppers with ultra-relevant product bundles

Swap generic product bundles with dynamic displays that help customers get more out of their purchase and help you increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
dynamic bundling

See trends on what and why customers purchase

Get zero-party data on customer behavior with each question answered on your product finder and each interaction with recommended products.
customer insights

A step-by-step look at creating a product finder with Zoovu

Input your data screen
Input your data

Clean and enrich your product data with needs-based attributes so Zoovu’s AI can learn what products are good for certain personas.

Design build screen
Design and build

Create a question flow for your product finder to understand the needs of your customers and recommend products. Design the experience to look and feel like your brand.

Connect icons

Integrate your product finder into your ecommerce platform, PIM, ERP, and other systems to share and sync data between your tech stack. Syndicate your product finder on all your channels, across all regions.

Previous and next answers graph screen

Use customer interaction data and Zoovu’s AI to automatically test and refine what questions you ask and when to continuously improve results.

More product finders that have helped brands drive customer loyalty

  • Sally Beauty

    Hair Color Quiz

    This quiz eliminates the guesswork of selecting the perfect hair color. It guides users through a selection of brands and shades available at Sally Beauty, offering recommendations based on their preferences and hair type.

    Sally beauty
  • Microsoft

    PC Finder Quiz

    Microsoft increased engagement and conversion rates across over 100 retail sites with its PC product finders. “With Zoovu, we drive revenue and solidify our market position as easy to work and to buy from.” - Ram Iyer, Sr. Director - Digital Strategy and eCommerce Microsoft

    Microsoft screen
  • Under Armour

    Running Shoe Quiz

    Under Armour's Running Shoe Finder guides you through a curated selection of shoes, ensuring you find the ideal pair based on how and where you run.

    Under Armour screen
  • Columbia

    Jacket Finder

    Columbia simplifies the journey to finding your ideal jacket. By identifying your must-have features, they guide you to jackets that encompass all your outdoor requirements.

    Columbia screen
  • Gardena’s

    Robotic Lawnmower Advisor

    Gardena’s Robotic Lawnmower Advisor guides you through a curated selection of lawnmowers, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your lawn based on size, and smart home capability.

    Gardena screen

Integrate Zoovu with any system you use to power ecommerce

Zoovu's product discovery platform integrates with WooCommerce, Magento, Big Commerce, Shopify, and more. Effortlessly connect with your CMS, ERP, and PIM.

Intelligent Search

Deliver more accurate and relevant search results so customers can find products faster and easier.
intelligent search

Product Data Enrichment

Say goodbye to siloed and unstructured data. Cleanse, enrich, and add contextual meaning to your product data without spending months and millions.
product data enrichment

Visual Product Configuration

Allow customers to use drag and drop tools to quickly and visually build perfect product bundles from 1000s of options.
visual product configurator

Discover how companies around the world create customer-centric product discovery experiences with Zoovu.

Frequently Asked Questions

An ecommerce product finder is a tool that helps customers easily discover products online. It offers personalized recommendations based on the customer’s specific needs, simplifying the shopping process.

Zoovu’s product finder tool streamlines the shopping experience by providing tailored recommendations at scale. It translates complex product details into simple, consumer-friendly terms, increasing customer engagement and satisfaction.

Yes, using zero-party data collected by the product finder, you can automate the process of suggesting additional products and bundles that meet customer preferences, helping boost order sizes and sales.

Zoovu integrates with many popular ecommerce systems such as WooCommerce, Magento, Big Commerce, Shopify, and others.

Yes, Zoovu supports over 88 languages, making it suitable for global markets and a diverse range of customers.

It offers insights into buyer motivations and behaviors, helping your team in product development, marketing, and sales strategy formulation.

Zoovu prioritizes compliance with privacy laws, using zero-party data to personalize experiences while maintaining legal standards. Zero-party data refers to the information that customers willingly and actively share with your business through an interactive experience.

Better data, experiences, and intelligence drive better
outcomes every time.

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