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Canon case study
About Canon

Canon Europe is the EMEA arm of Canon, Inc. and strategic headquarters for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa with operations in 120 countries, employing approx. 19,000 people and contributing about a third of Canon’s global revenue annually. Canon and Zoovu have been working together since 2011.

The Challenge

The perfect product for each shopper

With a mentality to “not sell any product, but sell the right product to each shopper”, Canon was eager to make it easier for their diverse and discerning audience to quickly discover the perfect products for their needs. The company was looking for intuitive ways to educate and inspire shoppers early in their purchase journey, driving consideration, and fostering greater brand loyalty. Canon deployed a range of conversational assistants on its brand websites in product categories such as printers, scanners, cameras, and lenses. With Zoovu, Canon was able to quickly translate and roll out product search and discovery experiences across 52 countries.

"We needed a solution which presented the entire range Canon produced within a category but could accurately lead a customer to the right choice. Zoovu helps us do that."

The Solution

Adapt and optimize flexibly based on evolving consumer needs

Amid global lockdowns, Canon noticed that consumers were increasingly looking for home office printers. Canon uses this real-time insight to adapt and tailor the existing printer assistant to address what consumers cared about most during that moment in time. The ability to act fast, helped Canon to increase customer engagement and revenue.

"As consumer needs changed, we adapted the assistant and re-launched it within 2-weeks. Usage skyrocketed. That is testament to Zoovu’s flexibility and fast adaptability."