Get more leads and shorter sales cycles with personalized BOM builders

Use Zoovu’s visual product configurators to help customers create a bill of materials to their exact specs in minutes

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Generate accurate quotes in minutes

Don’t let spreadsheets slow you down. Use Zoovu’s BOM management software to hand off reliable,
accurate BOMs to suppliers and manufacturers without complex scoping calls.


Streamline production planning and reduce lead times with a clear, organized BOM


Instantly share accurate BOMs with suppliers to guarantee alignment


Minimize waste and costly errors with a precise and up-to-date bill of materials


Increase complexity and scale while keeping risk and costs at a minimum


Creating a custom BOM builder with Zoovu


Collect your data: Import product data, like component details, from existing files and systems into Zoovu. Our AI scans PDFs, CSVs, webpages, and other sources to collect data in one place.


Clean and standardize your data: The Zoovu Data Platform eliminates errors and duplicates, fills in missing values, and standardizes data conventions.


Enrich your data: Map technical product details to customer use cases so buyers can build accurate BOMs


Design custom BOM builders: Transform enriched data into interactive, guided experiences that help customers assemble BOMs that fit their exact needs.


Update and share: Customers can self-service RFP requests in real time, streamlining the CPQ process and ensuring clarity and accuracy throughout your manufacturing supply chain.

Help customers find ultra-relevant, in-stock products without multiple searches


Replace spreadsheet with an interactive BOM tool

Swap spreadsheets for BOM management software. Zoovu’s interactive and guided experiences makes it easy for buyers to create BOMs and for you to manage them. Simplify order management and make production and procurement reliable.
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Create accurate BOMs in minutes

Easily ingest product costs, component data, technical spreadsheets, and other relevant data in a single platform. Use visual thumbnails for each item to ensure clarity and reduce errors.
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Connect with any system you use

Seamlessly integrate Zoovu with your existing systems. Establish workflows to dynamically update stock levels, pricing, and product dependencies to make sure your team is always on the same page as the buyer.

Accelerate the buying and selling process

Speed up the ordering or RFQ processes through CAD-like ecommerce experiences using 2D and 3D visual configurations. Connect with your CPQ to help salespeople collect leads and close them faster.
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Improve your PLM with zero-party data

Find out what customers buy and why. Track customer preferences to improve your product lifecycle management (PLM) systems for more effective product development and lifecycle management.
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Get better day and better insights
with Zoovu BOM software

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Ensure your data is always up to date with automated updates


Translate and launch BOM tools in any country or region

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Use zero-party data to gather feedback at the point of sale

Built for buyers in any industry

OEM parts and equipment

Manage compatibility across all components and communicate stock levels with end users


Effortlessly update inventories with product data and coordinate part dependencies across makes and models


Simplify the management of complex component orders, eliminating manual processes

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Consumer packaged goods

Enable customers to create custom product bundles and configurations, accelerating production and delivery

Precision drilling

Keep part tracking precise and accurate throughout the order process

Water filtration

Ensure accurate self-service ordering and compatibility of filtration system components

Laboratory equipment

Ensure strict checks and balances when placing large orders

Industrial safety

Maintain strict compliance and safety standards through organized and accurate BOM management

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3M enables safe work environments by simplifying complex purchase decisions

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    Channel partners

Using Zoovu, we've exceeded buyer expectations for what B2B buying can be and continue to see extraordinary ROI that solidifies our investment in prioritizing DTC channels."

Frequently asked questions

A bill of materials (BOM) lists all parts required to produce a product or a solution. BOM management software organizes this complex data for efficient order management.

BOM builders are tools used to create, manage, and maintain a list of materials and components required for manufacturing a product.

BOM Software reduces errors and integrates with other systems for streamlined production processes. B2B ecommerce customers can utilize these tools to compare pricing and expedite online orders.

Yes, Zoovu’s BOM software can integrate seamlessly with ERP systems for comprehensive business management.

Industries involving complex order management like equipment/OEM manufacturers, automotive manufacturers, and electronics suppliers see significant benefits from BOM software.