Automate your ecommerce product catalog management

  • Collect, clean, and normalize product data from millions of SKUs
  • Translate technical specifications into customer-friendly language
  • Create relationships between related and compatible products
  • Automate the entire catalog management process

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 maintain product data

The catalog management tool used by leading ecommerce brands

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It’s time to escape catalog chaos

Your team spends hours every week manually updating data, creating product relationships, correcting errors, and filling in gaps only to start all over again on Monday. Your team is bogged down, errors slip through, customers struggle to find products, and sales drop. Zoovu can fix that.

Centralize all your product data

Import product data from PDFs, webpages, PIMs, ERPs, and other sources to ensure it’s accurate, up-to-date, and easily accessible from a single place.
 ingest product data

Clean your data without spending all your time in spreadsheets

Maintain data quality for millions of product descriptions, product details, and digital catalogs. Use AI to automatically clean data and ensure it’s always accurate and standardized.
  • Fix spelling mistakes and normalize values
  • Identify and fill in gaps in product data
  • Remove unnecessary HTML tags
 clean product data

Enrich product data to make it more discoverable

Translate product specs into needs-based language, like ‘good for travelling’ or ‘good for beginners’ Use this enriched data to:
  • Create interactive and personalized shopping experiences
  • Improve product pages and filters
  • Launch targeted marketing campaigns
 make products discoverable

Create automated relationships between SKUs

Stop painstakingly creating product relations manually and start using AI to map compatible and complementary products automatically.
  • Set rules to connect products
  • Use product attributes to create associations
  • Add personalized recommendations to PDPs, search results, and other areas
 build better bundles

Don’t just manage your product data—use it
to drive engagement, conversion, and loyalty

Transform your catalog management process by seamlessly ingesting,
cleaning, normalizing, and enriching all your product data

Catalog updating

Automatically push updates to product information to reflect changes to your catalog

Catalog migration

Transfer product data from one system to another without data loss

collect zero-party data
Catalog data entry

Enter large volumes of product data quickly and accurately

Catalog data indexing

Organize and index product data for easy retrieval

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Catalog data cleansing

Ensure data accuracy by cleaning and standardizing product information

reduce return rates
Catalog product upload

Quickly upload product data to various ecommerce platforms

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Classification and categorization

Correctly classify and categorize products for better organization

Ecommerce catalog processing

Manage multiple product catalog processes

Automate your catalog management with Zoovu

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Clean, standardize, and enrich your product data
without spending months on manual work

Product data management

Classify thousands of products with needs-based language in a couple of hours with AI so customers can quickly find the best product for them. Then use AI to automatically manage any changes to product data.
multitab data enrichment

Product data cleansing

Collect, clean, and standardize product data from almost any source, including spreadsheets, PDFs, product pages, and more. Ensure your product data is consistent and error-free across categories, regions, and brands.
 multitab cleanse

Product data enrichment

Map technical product data, like weight or size, to the language that fits customer needs and preferences. For example, identify products that are good for personas (like gamers or students), lifestyles (families, small business owner), and needs (waterproof shoes, budget laptop).
 multitab enrich

Frequently asked questions

Zoovu centralizes and automates product data collection, enrichment, and organization. This ensures high-quality, accurate, consistent product information across all sales channels, improving customer experience and operational efficiency.

Zoovu integrates with your ecommerce platforms and ERP systems to support real-time inventory management. These data connections ensure product listings are always accurate and up-to-date across all channels, preventing issues like overselling or stockouts.

Zoovu automates product categorization and organization, boosting discoverability and search engine optimization (SEO). This enhances visibility, drives traffic to your online store, and improves conversion rates.

Beyond cleansing and updating your product data, Zoovu’s ability to contextualize product data through personalized product recommendations and experiences helps power better e-commerce engagement and boost conversion rates with features like cross-selling and upselling.

Zoovu centralizes product data management, ensuring accurate and consistent information across all sales channels. Using the centralized data, Zoovu can then syndicate content across your various web properties to ensure the same data is consistent regardless of the distribution channel.

Using the Zoovu API to set up data streams, Zoovu automates product data entry, classification, and enrichment, quickly integrating new product information into the existing catalog. This reduces the time and effort required to launch new products, enabling faster market entry.

Zoovu integrates with major ecommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento, as well as large-scale systems like SAP and Oracle. This ensures seamless data synchronization and supports a cohesive omnichannel strategy.

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