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80% of buyers are unhappy with their ecommerce shopping experience

Customers face a lot of barriers when shopping online—products that look the same, search that doesn’t work, and specs that are too technical to understand. That’s why thousands of people visit your ecommerce site every day to buy something and don't.

Here's how Zoovu is changing that:
Product Recommendation Engine

Create personalized shopping experiences for your customers

Personalization starts with understanding customer needs. Zoovu's product discovery experiences ask questions to find out what customers need and want, then leverage these insights to drive personalized recommendations that increase sales.
 product recommendation home appliances
Visual Product Configurator

Help customers configure, bundle and purchase products in a single experience

Empower your customers to find compatible products and add-ons for their appliances or design entire rooms with furniture that matches, and then purchase everything with a single click using Zoovu's visual configurators.
 product configurator home appliances
Intelligent Search

Streamline purchase decisions with search that talks the same language as your customers

By enabling natural language search on your site, Zoovu helps your customers navigate through extensive product ranges to find the exact product they're looking for. Help customers find exactly what they need, fast, and see higher conversions and customer loyalty.
 intelligent search home appliances
Zero Party Data

Find out what features customers look for most and why they buy certain products

Collect zero-party data from interactive product experiences and get actionable insights on a single dashboard so you can make more informed decisions.
 zero party data home appliances

Zoovu success stories for home appliance brands

How some of the top home appliance brands in the world used Zoovu's product discovery experiences, ecommerce integrations, and expert support to improve the customer experience and boost everything from conversions to return rates

  • KitchenAid

    Stand Mixer Customization Tool

    From colors, limited edition components, and a variety of accessories, customers can purchase exactly what they want and more.

    KitchenAid has increased website engagement by over 60% and improved AOV by 40%

    KitchenAid home appliances
  • JennAir

    Curate Calculator

    As the buyer selects a product and customizes features and appearance, they can see how much credit is available and can apply it to additional appliances to complete their kitchen suite.

    JennAir home appliances
  • Nespresso

    Nespresso Gift Assistant

    Nespresso helps customers find the right machine, accessories, pods, or even a combination of the 3, improving the gift shopping experience, cross- and upsell more effectively, and ultimately boost sales.

    Nespresso home appliances
  • B/S/H

    Kitchen Planner

    B/S/H is also one of the first brands to incorporate multiple assistants within a visual configurator to enable customers to customize an entire kitchen with their Kitchen Planner experience.

    "Zoovu's reputation as industry leader and trusted partner to leading retailers and other home appliance brands stood out to us as we looked for the right solution to scale discovery experiences."

    B/S/H home appliances

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