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About Einhell

Einhell Germany AG is a medium-sized company headquartered in Landau an der Isar. For years, the Einhell brand has stood for creating solutions for DIY and craftsmen operating for home, garden, and leisure. From A cordless screwdrivers to Z crosscut saws, Einhell has developed and sold 1.800 innovative products in more than 90 countries through 40 subsidiaries.

The Challenge

Making high-performance and technical products easier to understand to boost sales

Communicating the extensive benefits of their battery platform in a customer-friendly way was a challenge for Einhell. It became clear they needed to find a way to support customer in finding their way around and selecting the right product combination for their specific applications. Einhell sought to find a solution that would enable them to optimize their website to be customer-centric first and provide customers with best-in-class digital advice that helped them turn their projects into a reality.

"The basis for creating customer loyalty is providing our customers with the best possible online advice and helping them find what the right product configuration."

The Solution

Integrate AI-driven Content Discovery to help buyers

Finding a solution that flexible, easy-to-use, and not a heavy IT lift was critical for the Einhell team. When they started to engage in conversations with Zoovu, they saw an opportunity to partner with an innovative provider that enabled them to create the right foundation for a future-proof digital strategy. It took 4 weeks for Einhell to implement their Battery X Charger system experience and within 3 months of launch have seen their conversion rate be 242% higher than industry average thanks to their customer-centric discovery strategy.

"With Zoovu, we have an innovative partner at our side, with whom we were able to take our digital strategy to a whole new level. Within a very short time, we had all the necessary tools at our disposal. The numbers speak for themselves."