Collect, analyze, and act on zero-party data from customers to boost conversions

Use thousands of direct interactions to discover exactly what your customers need and why they buy—no guesswork necessary

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Zoovu is trusted by the best of the best in ecommerce

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Find out what makes your customers tick,
straight from them

What data do you get?

  • Customer needs and wants:
    Learn what products customers are looking for based on features and use cases. For example, do they want portability? Is price a factor?
  • Consumer profiles:
    See how consumers identify themselves. For example, are they already customers? Are they beginners or enthusiasts?
  • Product intelligence:
    Discover which products are preferred and why. For example, which features are most important? What products are usually bought together?

How do you get it?

  • Digital assistants:
    Ask customers a series of questions about their wants and needs to give a personalized product recommendation
  • Configurators:
    Help shoppers bundle or configure products to their exact specification
  • AI product advisors:
    Give customers a chance to ask questions about a product and give answers in real-time using generative AI

How do you use it?

  • Personalized recommendations:
    Increase conversion by connecting customers with products that perfectly match their needs
  • Tailored bundles:
    Pair buyers with compatible and complimentary products to increase AOV
  • Targeted marketing campaigns:
    Create marketing campaigns that resonate with customers to boost marketing efficiency
  • Product development:
    Share insights with merchandising, product, design, and procurement teams

Zoovu in action:
How brands are capturing zero-party data with Zoovu experiences

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Data you can’t get anywhere else.
Results you can’t get any other way.

Create personalized shopping experiences in a cookie-less world

  • Collect data directly from your customers through interactive shopping experiences
  • Understand your buyer's motivations for smarter product, marketing, and sales strategies
  • Don’t rely on clicks, searches, and page views to connect customers with the right products
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Connect every customer with the perfect product

  • Integrate Zoovu with your CRM so you can interact with customers where they are in the buying cycle
  • Find out what customers need so you can show the right products at the right time
  • Use AI to create dynamic product recommendations
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Offer customized search results and product bundles

  • Move from static to dynamic product bundles personalized for each customer
  • Create custom rules to show different products on results pages based on who is searching and what they search for
  • Offer best-fit solutions based on explicit needs
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Learn more about your customers than ever before

  • Move from 'what' customers buy to 'why' they buy to refine your approach and boost success
  • Use data to ensure a relevant and personal connection with customers
  • Share insights with sales, marketing, and product development
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See how brands use zero-party data from Zoovu
to increase conversions, AOV, and customer loyalty


Trek Bike Finder

Trek uses its product finder to gather zero-party data to understand what kind of terrain their customers want to ride on, why they want to ride, and what features they prefer. This experience has led to a 200% increase in conversions for Trek.
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Pure Electric Assistant

Pure Electric introduced a digital shopping assistant on their website, leading to fewer customer service inquiries and a 20% rise in average order value. They also discovered that customers prefer better features over price with the zero-party data they collected.

Logitech Ultimate Desk Setup

Logitech's shopping assistant asks customers to prioritize their preferences, such as device performance, aesthetics, or simplicity, for an ultimate desk setup. Each choice contributes to zero-party data, enabling more tailored recommendations that align with shopper preferences.
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Integrate Zoovu with your PIM, ERP, CRM, and
any other system you rely on

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Everything you need to connect every customer
with the perfect products

Product data enrichment

Say goodbye to siloed and unstructured data. Clean, enrich, and add contextual meaning to your product data with almost zero manual work.
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Personalized product recommendations

Use AI powered digital assistants to ask customers questions about their needs and preferences, then use this information to find the best products for each person.
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Gen AI product advisors

Personalize the last mile of the buying journey with Zoe, Zoovu’s generative AI product advisor. Give each customer a personalized explanation of why a product is the perfect match and answer product questions in real-time.
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Visual Product Configuration

Offer your customers a unique and interactive shopping experience and transform their creativity into your profitable sales asset.
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Intelligent Search

Let buyers find what they want, not just what they type. Take the keyword guessing game out of the buyer’s journey with a search experience that understands every query and surfaces the most relevant product.
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Frequently asked questions

Zoovu’s buyer intelligence provides deep customer understanding by leveraging zero-party data, allowing for optimized sales strategies through direct, unfiltered customer insights.

By creating personalized product discovery experiences, Zoovu collects essential data on customer purchasing decisions, enabling businesses to make informed and confident choices without relying on assumptions, third-party data, or first-party data.

Zero-party data is information that customers voluntarily share, enabling businesses to make decisions based on customer-provided insights rather than assumptions, enhancing product discovery and sales.

Businesses can uncover specific product attributes or services prioritized by customers, understand price sensitivity, and detect engagement drop-offs, refining marketing and development strategies.

Using AI and business intelligence, Zoovu discovers untapped potential for cross-selling and upselling based on specific customer preferences, maximizing revenue through intelligent product bundling.

Zoovu integrates with WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, and more, allowing for seamless connection with CMS, ERP, and PIM systems.

Better data, experiences, and intelligence drive better
outcomes every time.

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