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Turn product specs into needs-based attributes and use them to build experiences, filters, product pages, and marketing campaigns that make customers want to buy.

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zoovu data enrichment

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Collect, clean, and enrich thousands of SKUs in a few hours with Zoovu’s AI semantic content enrichment solution

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How it works

Collect your product data

Import product data from PDFs, product pages, PIMs, and other sources to create a single source of truth.

Clean your product data

Correct spelling errors, normalize values, and remove unnecessary HTML tags in your product data with a few clicks.

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Make your products discoverable

Use AI to automatically tag products with needs-based attributes, like ‘portable’ or ‘budget-friendly’. Segment products by tags, brand, price, and more, then create relations for better cross-selling.

update and manage product data
Maintain your product data

Apply updates to your entire database in a few seconds whenever new products are added or information is updated for existing products.

Zoovu ontology: A game-changer

At the heart of Zoovu’s Data Platform is the Zoovu ontology, a vast knowledge base of category-specific concepts and relationships. The ontology not only understands attributes, how they’re interconnected, and allows you to draw from existing classifications to enhance your data. Whether it's recognizing "stainless steel" as a color or recognizing that trail runners need waterproof shoes, the ontology is your tool for meaningful data enrichment without the manual effort.

An ecommerce data platform that helps you to work faster, spend less, and win customers for life

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Reduce costs

Automate expensive manual data management processes to drive efficiency and time savings across your business.

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Personalize customer journeys

Deliver highly personalized product suggestions, enhancing the shopping experience and fostering customer loyalty.

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Increase conversions and scale fast

Launch hundreds of product discovery experiences in weeks and increase conversion rates by more than 28%, like Microsoft did with Zoovu.

Use your product data to create exceptional ecommerce experiences without spending months on manual work


Swap overly technical terms for product descriptions that gets customers to buy

Turn specs into descriptions that customers can understand quickly and clearly, like which couches are good for small spaces or what shoes are good for trail runs. Makes associations between compatible or complementary products to increase configuration and cross-selling.
 make products discoverable

Guide customers to the products they're looking for on their first search

Use semantic tagging and categorization to swap generic, keyword-driven results for search that understands what your customers need, no matter what words they use.
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Give customers personalized product recommendations based on their needs

Incomplete data limits your ability to personalize product recommendations. Enriched, semantic content, paired with Zoovu’s product discovery experiences, helps you understand customer preferences and offer the perfect match for them.
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Use zero-party insights to analyze customer behavior and continually improve product data

Continuously enrich products with relevant customer context to create product content that speaks in a way customers can easily understand and relate to.
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AI that thinks like your customer

Zoovu allows you to train its AI on your product data in different ways so you can guide customers to products that fit them best. Think of it like the world’s best salesperson who reads everything about your products and instantly knows the best way to sell them.

Feature-based training

Train the AI with sample product groups so it can automatically classify similar products based on their attributes.

Description-based training

Use AI to look at all your product descriptions and marketing copy to enrich product data with conversational language.

Review-based training

Scrape customer-generated content and use it to train the AI to classify products based on customer preferences.

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Generative AI Classification

Use generative AI and LLMs to automatically classify, score, and describe products based on all the data you collect.

Built for the biggest ecommerce teams
across any industry

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B2B and consumer healthcare

Semantic enrichment ensures healthcare products and medical device parts are accurately described compatible.

Consumer electronics

Semantic enrichment aids customers in understanding technical specs and features, making it simpler to find and choose the right products.

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OEM parts and consumer tools

Semantic enrichment organizes products by key details like make, model, and year, making complex configurations for specific requirements easier and accurate.

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Beauty and self-care

Semantic enrichment enhances personalization, allowing customers to find products that meet their needs and preferences, from ingredients to benefits.

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Recreation and outdoor

Semantic enrichment improves navigation and product matching, helping enthusiasts find the gear that suits their activities and performance requirements.

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Appliances and homeware

Semantic enrichment offers better search, recommendations, and visual configuration so customers can visualize products in their space more effectively.

Zoovu in action: Examples of visual configurators built with enriched data from Zoovu

GE Healthcare Ultrasound Configurator
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Helmet Configurator
Ultimate Desk Setup

Ingest, clean, and enrich product data,
no matter the size of your catalog

Product data management

Classify thousands of products with needs-based language in a couple of hours with AI so customers can quickly find the best product for them. Then use AI to automatically manage any changes to product data.
multitab data enrichment

Product data cleansing

Collect, clean, and standardize product data from almost any source, including spreadsheets, PDFs, product pages, and more. Ensure your product data is consistent and error-free across categories, regions, and brands.
 multitab cleanse

Product data enrichment

Map technical product data, like weight or size, to the language that fits customer needs and preferences. For example, identify products that are good for personas (like gamers or students), lifestyles (families, small business owner), and needs (waterproof shoes, budget laptop).
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Integrate Zoovu with your PIM, ERP, CRM, and
any other system you rely on

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Frequently asked questions

The Zoovu Data Platform, a component of Zoovu’s product discovery platform, leverages AI to analyze and understand product data, identifying opportunities for semantic enrichment. It suggests contextually relevant enhancements, ensuring product descriptions are optimized for both search engines and user queries.

Yes, the Zoovu Data Platform can identify inconsistencies, duplicates, and gaps in product data. It helps in cleansing and standardizing data across product catalogs, making information more accurate and search friendly.

To start with Zoovu, you can request a demo or contact their sales team to understand the best solutions for your ecommerce needs. Integration involves setting up your product catalog within Zoovu and using the Zoovu Data Platform for content and data optimization.

Zoovu is designed to be compatible with a wide range of ecommerce platforms. It offers flexible integration options with a single line of code.

Zoovu supports multiple languages, allowing for semantic content enrichment and data standardization across international markets. This ensures that global ecommerce sites can offer localized, relevant content for diverse audiences.

Semantic content enrichment involves enhancing product descriptions and website content with relevant, contextually meaningful information. It helps search engines understand and rank ecommerce content more effectively, improving visibility and user experience.

By incorporating related keywords, synonyms, and thematic phrases, semantic enrichment broadens the scope of search queries your products can appear for, making them discoverable to a wider audience.

Yes, while keyword optimization focuses on incorporating specific target keywords, semantic enrichment involves broadening content with related terms and concepts, providing a more comprehensive context to search engines.

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