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Over 26% of your customers have an accessibility challenge when shopping online. Help them overcome these challenges and shop with confidence using accessible ecommerce experiences.

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Product discovery is for everyone

Accessibility isn’t a feature or a product for us—it’s a core value we’ve embedded not only in our technology, but also in the way we think, design, and work.
Millions of people interact with Zoovu every day when looking for products they need. It’s our job to ensure everyone, no matter how they shop, use technology, or experience the world, can find what they’re looking for with confidence. That starts with empowering our customers to create ecommerce experiences that are accessible for all.
Our primary goal is to ensure anyone engaging with a Zoovu experience using assistive technology has a productive and fulfilling experience. That’s why we’re always striving to help our customers meet industry standards and regulations, like WCAG 2.0 Level A and AA and ADA, and surpass them whenever possible.

How we’ve built accessibility into our DNA as a company

Accessibility is a project with no endpoint—we’re constantly working to enable our customers to make their Zoovu experiences as accessible as possible. That includes:

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Making accessibility part of our product development roadmap

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Employing a quality assurance team to test Zoovu’s ability to work with assistive technologies

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Frequently reviewing industry standards and regulations

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Partnering with our customers to plan and implement accessibility projects

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Capturing feedback from both our customers and consumers to understand accessibility challenges

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Engaging third-party auditors to conduct regular accessibility audits of our products

Accessibility and our products: How we help ecommerce companies build accessible product discovery experiences

Allow customers to easily navigate your website and find products with assistive technologies

Zoovu provides ADA compliant themes to help our customers create accessible experiences, like shopping assistants, product finders, and quizzes that can be navigated with assistive tools like screen readers and speech recognition.
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Design product discovery experiences with accessibility at the forefront

Provide a UI and UX for your product discovery experiences that maximize accessibility, from visual presentation to form validation and beyond.
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Make embedded video and images accessible to your shoppers

Ensure all your buyers can access and understand your multimedia content by easily incorporating captions and alternative texts that accurately describe what’s being displayed to people with visual or sensory disabilities.
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