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80% of buyers are unhappy with their ecommerce shopping experience

Customers face many barriers when shopping online—products that look the same, search that doesn’t work, and specs that are too technical to understand. That's why thousands of people visit your ecommerce site every day and don't buy anything.

Here's how Zoovu is changing that:

Accelerate the sales cycle by helping buyers discover products online

Buying healthcare products often requires expert guidance. Zoovu's guided selling assistants deliver personalized, need-based assistance at scale, ensuring customers find exactly what they need.
 product recommendation healthcare

Simplify complex medical language

Product information in the healthcare and pharmaceutical market can be overly technical, which can be overwhelming for buyers. Zoovu helps enrich product data so you can communicate benefits instead of just specs.
 simplify complex language

Accurately configure complex products in minutes

Most healthcare and pharmaceutical companies have massive product catalogs with SKUs that are very similar, but require exact configurations. Zoovu assists your customers in navigating through these complex configurations to find the right products.
 product configurator healthcare

Success in healthcare and pharmaceuticals

  • GE HealthCare

    Smart Assistant

    Using Zoovu's AI product discovery platform, GE HealthCare transformed its extensive medical catalog into an effective self-service tool. They developed the Medical Affairs Smart Assistant, helping customers easily find product information by answering a series of questions tailored to their needs.

    GE Healthcare
  • Medichecks

    Blood Test Finder

    Medichecks simplifies how users find relevant blood tests. By engaging users with questions and options, the tool could guide them to the most appropriate tests based on their needs.

    Medichecks healthcare
  • Bayer

    Lotrimin Product Selection Tool

    Bayer's product finder tool helps customers identify the right Lotrimin product by understanding their symptoms or conditions with guided selling.

    Bayer healthcare
  • Straumann

    Prosthetic Selection Guide

    Strauman guides dental professionals through selecting the appropriate prosthetics using AI configurators and intelligent search tools.

    Straumann healthcare

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