Use AI to turn product data into better buying experiences

  • Collect data from anywhere
  • Clean and standardize thousands of SKUs
  • Classify products by customer needs
  • Guide customers to the perfect product
  • Automate everything with AI

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zoovu data enrichment

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Ecommerce teams are overwhelmed with messy, scattered, and overly technical product data. The result—products are hard to find, differentiate, and sell.

Zoovu’s Data Platform was built to solve these problems. Its product data management platform cleans and enriches data with AI so customers can quickly find products, salespeople can shorten sales cycles, and product managers can stop spending hours in spreadsheets.

Zoovu ontology: A game-changer

At the heart of Zoovu’s Data Platform is the Zoovu ontology, a vast knowledge base of category-specific concepts and relationships. The ontology not only understands attributes, how they’re interconnected, and allows you to draw from existing classifications to enhance your data. Whether it's recognizing "stainless steel" as a color or recognizing that trail runners need waterproof shoes, the ontology is your tool for meaningful data enrichment without the manual effort.

Choose the PDM that collects, cleans, and enriches your product content, so you can deliver revenue-generating product discovery experiences worldwide

Without Zoovu
With Zoovu
Without Zoovu With Zoovu
Collect your product data

Import product data from PDFs, product pages, PIMs, and other sources to create a single source of truth.

Clean your product data

Correct spelling errors, normalize values, and remove unnecessary HTML tags in your product data with a few clicks.

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Make your products discoverable

Use AI to automatically tag products with needs-based attributes, like ‘portable’ or ‘budget-friendly’. Segment products by tags, brand, price, and more, then create relations for better cross-selling.

update and manage product data
Maintain your product data

Apply updates to your entire database in a few seconds whenever new products are added or information is updated for existing products.

Transform your product data into ecommerce
experiences customers love


Manage product details in one secure, easily accessible location

  • Store all your product details
  • Ensure information is up to date and consistent
  • Cut manual work, increase operational efficiency
 maintain product data

Effortlessly connect every customer with their perfect product

  • Create product descriptions that resonate with customers
  • Create personalized recommendations based on customer needs and preferences
  • Highlight ultra-relevant product bundles
 tell customers why

Discover the power of organized, clean product data

Messy, fragmented, and complex data is likely costing your team time and sales. Zoovu’s PDM platform centralizes and cleans product data so you can boost product visibility, get more customer insights, and manage data with fewer resources.
  • Collect all product data in a single place
  • Standardize data across all your SKUs (yes, ALL of them)
  • Automate updates to reduce errors
 ingest product data

Make products easy to find, compare, and evaluate

A well-structured product catalog is a world-class salesperson—efficient, persuasive, and consistently turning browsers into buyers.
  • Product categories that connect to customer needs
  • Optimized metadata and tags
  • Advanced filters to guide customers
 clean product data

Enrich product data with semantic attributes to make them easier to find

Use AI to map technical specs to customer use cases. Use this enriched data for product finders, product detail pages, filters, search results, and more.
  • Personalize recommendations and descriptions
  • Create relations between compatible and similar products
  • Deliver dynamic search results
 make products discoverable

Cross borders without crossing wires

Normalize your product data in a few days so you can scale your ecommerce experiences across any market.
  • Standardize measurements, colors, and other product attributes across regions
  • Translate product finders and AI assistants into any language in a few minutes
  • Duplicate experiences across brands and channels in a couple of clicks
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Future-proof your product data

Automate labor-intensive product management tasks, like updating your catalog with new products or changing product details.
  • Automate product data maintenance
  • Eliminate the need for spreadsheets
  • Auto-apply product updates across the system
 maintain product data

Transform your data into experiences

Export enriched content to improve SEO, PDPs, chatbots, and search experiences, guided selling assistants, and more.
  • Create product finders and quizzes that increase engagement and conversions
  • Collect zero-party data
  • Increase AOV with more upsell and cross-sell opportunities
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PDM software that helps you to work faster, spend less, and win customers for life

Reduce costs

Automate expensive manual data management processes to drive efficiency and time savings across your business.

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Accelerate time to market

Reduce the time it takes to deliver revenue generating experiences by over 80%.

update and manage product data
Scale discovery experiences

Launch hundreds of product discovery experiences in a few short weeks and increase conversion rates by more than 28%, like Microsoft did with Zoovu.

Built for the biggest ecommerce teams

Deliver powerful product discovery experiences across every channel and touchpoint

B2C and DTC brands

Ensure product descriptions, images, and specifications are accurate and consistent.

B2B manufacturers

Clean and enrich your entire catalog to power search, visual configurators, BOM builders, CPQs, and more. Reduce sales cycles and help customers build complex product bundles with accuracy.


Standardize data from millions of SKUs and across brands so you can enrich filters, product pages, category pages, and more.

Zoovu in action: Examples of visual configurators built with enriched data from Zoovu

GE Healthcare Ultrasound Configurator
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Helmet Configurator
Ultimate Desk Setup

Integrate Zoovu with your PIM, ERP, CRM, and
any other system you rely on

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Frequently asked questions

Product data management (PDM) in ecommerce involves organizing, storing, and analyzing product data to ensure accurate, accessible, and timely information. It’s key for optimizing product discovery, personalizing customer experiences, and optimizing product detail pages.

The Zoovu Data Platform is the core of Zoovu’s product discovery platform designed to process and enrich product data. It uses AI to understand and categorize product information semantically, improving search relevance and the accuracy of product recommendations.

Data cleansing removes inaccuracies and inconsistencies from product data, crucial for maintaining high-quality, reliable information. It directly impacts SEO, customer experience, and conversion rates by ensuring accurate and searchable product listings.

Yes, the Zoovu Data Platform improves product discovery by using AI to understand and enrich product data, making it more relevant and easily searchable. It enhances the accuracy of search results and recommendations, leading to a better match between customer queries and products.

AI plays a crucial role in processing fragmented data by analyzing and integrating disparate data sources. It identifies patterns, cleanses inaccuracies, and enriches product information, to improve data quality and usability in ecommerce.

Data-driven product discovery tailors search and recommendation systems to individual customer preferences, leading to more relevant and helpful shopping experiences. It reduces search time and increases the likelihood of finding the right product, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Key components include data cleansing to ensure accuracy, data standardization for consistency, product enrichment for detailed listings, and leveraging AI for advanced data processing and semantic analysis to improve product discovery and customer experience.

Better data, experiences, and intelligence drive better
outcomes every time.

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